For all football lovers around the world today a mention of the name Arsene Wenger has a lot of meaning let alone the fact that he is the football manager of English Premier League side Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal FC). Arsene Wenger, the French born manager has been the manager at the English side for fifteen years now and has not only brought glory to the team but also set records no one can easily break or set in the near future (Oldfield 43).

              He joined the club in year 1996 when the club was not performing very well and set a record only after two seasons. Wenger became the first manager coming from outside of England to win the League Cup double (the Premier League and the English FA Cup). He changed the style of Arsenal play and brought a new flavor to the Premier League. He changed the hit-and-run style to calculated magical passes that were incorporated not only with speed but also with flare and classical pattern. This brought a lot of joy to London fans.

              Arsene “The Magic” has proved to people that when it comes to matters of talent spotting he has by far surpassed most coaches in the world. He spotted one Nicholas Anelka who was at that time a small boy. Anelka was trained at Arsenal by Arsene Wenger to become one of the leading goal scorers in the League (Bremner 45). He also became heavily demanded by many top clubs in Europe. Arsene Wenger has also spotted many young talents and turned them into professionals who are sought after, for example Jack Wilshere and Cesc Fabregas. These are among top players who are currently playing soccer in European leagues.

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              Most of the players who have been coached by Arsene Wenger admit that the manager has exemplary skills in training and managing players. This is well acknowledged by all players across the leagues from France, Japan and currently at the English side Arsenal. According to Thierry Henry, the player of the Major League Soccer side New York Red Bulls, Arsene Wenger is a magical coach who can transform anyone with aptitude for playing soccer into a world class football player. Having been with coach for several seasons, Thierry Henry became the FIFA World Player of the Year and won English and European awards. He was also among players who won double with the manager in the years 1998 and 2002.

              In the season of 2003-2004 Coach Arsene Wenger accomplished something no coach has ever achieved - he won English Premier League without losing a single match in the entire season. It was a special feeling for the fans of the club who praised him and felt proud of him and the club (Manson 65). He helped to spread the slogan “Arsenal the pride of London”. Arsene Wenger has earned trust of his fans and directors of the club who still have faith in his ability to bring glory to the club despite the club not having won any trophy for last few seasons. This is a rare characteristic in modern soccer world.

              The coach has also shown a lot skills and knowledge in terms of his spending in the transfer market of players .He has shown other clubs, coaches and managers that money cannot buy talent. He has shown little spending but the club has been performing very well and managed to stay at the top four position since he came to the club (Fynn and Whitcher). Arsene Wenger is magical both on the pitch and outside, his power and skills can be seen and heard anywhere around the world. He is the coach of standing reputation in soccer and will continue to shine at all times and forever.

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