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The mission of an army is to battle and be the victor of the States’ wars. The army has always been capable of accomplishing offensive and defensive processes.  Nevertheless, experiences from the recent operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Balkans, give an understandable hint that the future will be entirely a period of importunate conflict. In order to accomplish the States’ objectives, military forces around the globe will have to be involved. In relation to this, the army must take up a new mindset, which is acquainted with the necessities that are required so as to conduct successful operations across the range of conflicts.

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With a complex operational environment, future operations are highly likely to arise across the field of conflict.  The future will be determined by today’s conflicts. The shaping of operational environments is resulting from multiple factors. They include technology, transportation system, science, information technology, increase of a networked society and speed up of the overall financial community. Other factors include academic hard work and the comprehensive natural history of commercial.


Men and women who are of character and intellect are required as soldiers for today’s unsafe and intricate operational environment. Establishment of a value based, skilled and qualified army is made up by soldiers of character and capability. The main purpose of soldiers attending training is to perform tasks either alone or in groups. Soldiers have the ability to exercise moral judgment even while under stress. Alert and adaptive leaders are required in the army, since they are capable of handling test of successful range operations in a time of persistent conflict.

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