Since history, there is a close connection between sense of place and music. Music has a number of issues that it can communicate about the setting of the song. In spite of this importance, Music and space is a largely ignored area of in a study even in human geography. However, the mystical relationship between music and place is not a new concept. The little work that has been conducted on the literature of the subject is also descriptive with limited conceptual ability. Every musical tradition is born amidst a group of people in a particular place. As a result, the music tradition grows with who the people are in a way that reflects the character of such people and situation. Even though music can be passed from the teacher to a student in a form of vertical lineage, the music is guarded and owned by the entire community, and this is where the concept of place sets in (Cohen, 1995, P.435).

Even as music evolves through time, it also spreads across geography that follows a horizontal journey; it also follows a vertical lineage. For instance, in the land of Cuba, the bata drummers consist of a family tradition where young mean are coached by their fathers starting with the easiest drums with easiest rhythms to more difficult ones as they progress and finally to the level of community temple drummers (Skoog, 2010). Music is like language where people can speak same language like English but still maintain their accents. For instance, there is close and frequent interaction between British and American musical scenes, but there is still a huge difference between the two. English flavor is succinctly high and refined that American music. This can be used to understand how people tend to be connected through music even when they are miles away from the actual place or home. Therefore music and space interplays to form a sense of identity (Cohen, 1995, P.434).

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 America as a place has identified its music through genres such as orchestra and Americana. This does not only end with music but also its performance that is arguably attached by different people. Within Americana, it is the duty of the proponents to pass on music and repertoire that will produce that can be identified the space, because shape in the environment was silent (Skoog, 2010). The system may not imply something in relation to the music style. There are lots of places where shrieking, screaming, thrashing, pounding music is wholly suitable and welcome, and which can for that reason play this music with total integrity for the enchantment of its customers. A dance hit playing dance music confers the impression of an exceptional matrimony of music and place(Cohen, 1995, P.439).

The mystical relationship connecting music and place is not a new development or concept.  Stephen foster and Britten’s Aldeburgh are the best examples of how closely sound and geography are connected (Skoog, 2010). Stephen foster is attributed to the origin of American music while In Buddhism it is known as 'dependent arising' that follows a certain kind of principle that asserts that "When this arises that becomes". Toyed in the midst of Zen Buddhism as well as having stimulating observation on the mathematical correlation connecting the rhythm of music with a natural occurrence such as heartbeat that are sequentially affected by place. For instance, the minstrel show was a famous American event that saw a variety of dancing, songs, tricks, playing and comic skits that were American being showcased to the whole world through the tour.

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