Population density involves number of people who occupy each unit area, which its measurement is per mile or square kilometer. In my opinion, the American experience of growing population depends on how individuals transform use of land. This activity can be through building, farming and logging in which the less the density and usage, the more it maintain its natural state. The trends that influence the use of land in US contemplate the future because Americans might have an extra 100 million people who increases the population density.

If there were growth of population in US, this would cause high population density in counties, states and cities. This implies that, there would be more people than the buildings and US residents will experience deforestation to create room for the population rise. The American experience when population increases will also lead to rise in yields from farms to satisfy the entire population. In America when people multiply, it leads to urbanization where they allocate less land per the increase in households.

The experience of living in a dense environment especially the apartments in an urban centre has its implication in a way that people face unequal distribution of resources. For instance, people experience poverty risks, material deprivation, difficulties in accessing healthcare and sharing the broadband connectivity to the internet. Living on small scale in density-populated environment fosters crime activities, vandalism and violence. The deprivation of materials increases higher by 5 percentage points in areas with high population density than where the density is scarce. However, the risk of poverty in such areas is low especially in a case where the apartment is in the suburb of the city and majority has jobs to sustain themselves.

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In matters that concern health care, living in an apartment within the city is easier to access the health services contrasted to our counterparts in the rural areas.  This is because the experience of staying in an apartment in the city does not involve transport costs and poor infrastructure to access the medical services. Living in small dense apartments subjects the residents to activities that involve crime and violence. This is because the culprits who engage in such activities venture in the urban areas where they execute their plans. The special rules that deal with crowding problems include crowding out, here the government competes private sector to acquire funds. The deficits crowd out the investments, which they carry out privately to lower the potential growth (Berry, 1980).

FIST is an acronym that enables individuals to understand the crowd disasters; it stands for force, information, space and time of the incident. It involves characteristics on how to handle the crowd disasters. It incorporates rules such as information, time and communication, which act as key factors to avoid crowding issue. The other special rule that deals with crowding is to enable the individuals to remain calm. This should be when they are attending activities such as rallies and public meetings. There should be also imposing of fines to people who go against the rules by causing crowding to maintain discipline in public.

In American cities, the rich deal with congestion when they adopt reforms that benefit their families especially when it comes to avoiding crowding problems. The wealthy people also avoided crowding issues by moving from the centre of the city. They went ahead to construct office   buildings, shops and factories far from the warehouses.  They ensured they had similar characteristics with those at the heart of the city. The rich also created separate neighborhood to separate from the crowd where they built their mansions. Their residents were spacious and on large plots which gave them freedom from the congestion.    

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