A Japanese sports car, the Nissan Skyline GT-R, is based on the Nissan Skyline range. This car was first manufactured between the fiscal years 1969-1973. In the fiscal year 1989, the car was given a name, Godzilla, by the Wheels. The ‘Wheels’ is a motoring publication that is based in Australia. The motorsport car was able to dominate all races in Japan. For instance, out of 29 races, the car was able to have 29 wins. Furthermore, this car was able to overthrow the Nurburgring, for eight minutes. Normally, the Nissan Company employs this car to depict the various types of modern technology developed over the years (Clarke 2010, 10). Some of the examples of the technologies were Super-HICAS and ATTESA_ETS 4WD. Compared to their rivals in Europe, the car model is much cheaper. This essay seeks to look into the Nissan Skyline GT-R and some of its features.

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In fiscal 1991, the Skyline GT-R remained manufactured in Japan. Its export markets became nation-states like New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia. The car model was exported in these countries as used imports from Japan. The car is popularly employed in Circuit Track, Drag racing and Time attack. In addition, the car is employed on various occasions that are hosted by tuning magazines. Through pop cultures like video games such as Gran Turismo and Shako Tan Boogie, the car became distinguished amongst other car models. In addition, the car became notable through cinemas (Clarke 2010, 154). The car is a vital sports car in the Western countries despite the fact that it is sold when it has been used. The car came from an automobile company dubbed the Prince. Later on, the company merged with Nissan-Datsun after selling all its Skyline vehicles. The abbreviation GT-R stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta. The Japan car had an Italian name because most cars emerged from the west. The name would ensure that the sale of the car would be enhanced.

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