Topic: Know the Reims Cathedral-France and its historical significance.

General Purpose: To inform the reader about the magnificence of architecture at the Reims Cathedral in France. The architectures date back to the years between 1255 and 1290. Also, to inform readers, on what to exactly expect from the world’s most beautiful Architectural center.

Specific Objective: to give information on the magnificence and the historical significance of the Reims Cathedral-France site. It is an administrative and religious center. From visiting or exploring the architectural models at the Reims Cathedral-France, one gets a first-class understanding of Gothic Architecture, as well as a historical center for France. Clovis, the first president of France received his coronation there. Getting a clear understanding of the Reims Cathedral will be of great significance to readers because they will understand the magnificent history of France as well as get informed about Reims, where one can have a royal-class tourist visit. Other iconic sites close to the Reims Cathedral-France include The Eiffel Tower, The Beaubourg, The Fontainebleau and The Arc de Triomphe.

Some of the information one should expect to get from paying a visit or a site exploration of the Reims Cathedral-France, either through electronic means like the internet, or going through informative publications, include getting an understanding of the historical significance of the Reims Cathedral to the French. Also, available, is information on the 13th century Gothic Architectural model.    

I. Understand the historical extraordinary history of the Reims Cathedral in France

A. The Reims Cathedral in France was kept under siege by the English people during the hundred years of war. The French National Assembly, once, did provide £80,000 towards the renovations of the façade.

1.During the years between 1359 and 1360, the Reims Cathedral was held under siege by the English people, who held that, due to its historical significance, they would upset the superiority of France, pushing them to backing out of the hundred years War.

2. In the year 1875, the French National Assembly, provided an amount of £80,000, towards the renovation of the Balustrades and the façade (Chapuis 124).

B.The Reims Cathedral is highly regarded a masterpiece of the middle Ages history. The Reims Cathedral was at a given time during the onset of the First World War, destroyed by the Germans.

1.The façade is cited as being the finest portion of the entire Reims Cathedral site, as well as a great masterwork of the Middle Ages. The Reims Cathedral was also the site, at which the Kings of France were crowned at, these including the First president of France, Clovis. 

2. The German shellfire, during the onset of the First World War is documented as having raided the Reims Cathedral. During the 1914 raid, they destroyed, burned, and shattered important parts of the Reims Cathedral. Also, the north tower caught fire, burning all the other parts of the super-structured carpentry icon. Further, the lead material used at the roofing, melted, pouring through the Gargoyles, resulting in to the full destruction of the Bishop’s center at the site (Chapuis 124).

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3. The reconstruction of the cathedral was started later in the year 1919, under the express direction of Henri Deneux, the chief architect of the ‘Monuments Historiques.’ The financing of the renovation was in part, done by Rockefeller. The Reims Cathedral was later reopened in the year 1938, and work on it continued from there on.   

The magnificence, the extraordinary history and the extreme value – attached to the Reims Cathedral can be traced to its super-structure model.

II. Grasp information on the 13th century gothic architectural model

A.The exterior architecture of the Reims Cathedral is fully laden with statues and statuettes, as well as sculpted figures of different shapes and forms. At the site, there is also a central portal, surrounded by a rose window. Witnessed at the site, also, are the decorations of statuary, statues of French Kings and a Kings gallery (Demouy 23).

1.The Reims Cathedral, which is characterized by a three portals model, is fully loaded with statues and statuettes, these being those of the French kings that came after the first King, Clovis.  

2.At the Reims Cathedral, the transepts are characteristically designed to include facades, which are decorated with sculptural models. Some of the sculptural models include that of Bishop Reims on the Northern end, which is a historical depiction of the final judgment. Also, at one part is the model shape of Jesus. The southern transept is distinctive with a contemporary rose window, inside it being the apostles and the prophets.

B.The interior model of the Reims Cathedral comprises of aisles, transepts with aisles, naives, a double-aisle choir and an apse. The apse is the place, where there are radiating chapels and an ambulatory. Another characteristic of the Reims Cathedral is its stained windows. Also, evident in the interior model of the Reims Cathedral are the tapestries, fine organs, a choir clock, and numerous precious objects including a holy flask (Demouy 23).   

1. The interior model of the Reims Cathedral is of a remarkable size of 138.75 length, 30m width at the nave area, and 38 meters height, at the central point of the site. The Naïve is characteristic with aisles; different transepts with aisles; a choir characteristic with double aisles, as well as an apse, in it, being a number of radiating chapels and an ambulatory.

2.Other architectural traits include the 13th to 20th century stained glass windows and the highly magnificent rose window over the main portal area. Among the fine objects there, are tapestries, like the one presented by Robert Lenohcourt; a Gothic case organ; and the choir clock, decorated with mechanical models. Of great importance, also, are the precious objects there, these including the holy flask which was broken during the French Revolution (History of Gothic Architecture).

Having reviewed the precious nature of the Reims Cathedral, it is conclusive, that its value led to its numerous attacks by enemies trying to upset the French.  


 Having discussed the attacks and the historical nature of the Reims Cathedral, it is important to note that the attacks on the site were geared at threatening the French heritage there as well as to upset the French. From understanding the extraordinary history of the Reims Cathedral and its 13th century gothic architectural model, it is clear that the site is a magnificent French and global history center. Considering the value and the significance of the Reims Cathedral, it is evident that a visit is hundreds of times a must achieve goal.

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