Omnivore dilemma guides us through extensive expedition of food production on America. It traces series of food chains ranging from its seed form to the table. Corn is the major food that has been grown for years. Pollan in his book illustrates the way America has crooked its priorities in the service of this solitary crop, turning it into ethanol, the now-ubiquitous elevated fructose corn syrup, also disposable diapers. Here, it is evident how the practice of monoculture of corns has impoverished the soil the farmers who grow it.

Consequently, he has revealed how it has imperiled the physical condition of the cattle business; steers are generally not healthy for digesting grains, but we go ahead and feed it to cattle regardless of this fact. There has been a problem of consumers trading nutrition unknowingly for cheap calories. He also shows us the importance of ecological balance as demonstrated in one of the farms in Virginia; where chickens and cattle roam freely. The animals and humans similarly obtain the gain of a natural -food chain based on grass. The challenge of being omnivores is culture. We have numerous traditions surrounding food and eating which constantly guides us in the selection and preparation of the food we eat. Humans have different preferences as far as different foods are concerned (Pollan, 2010).

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          The omnivore Dilemma, has been divided into three categories; industrialized food, alternative or organic foods, the other is the food obtained through hunting, gathering, or gardening. He emphasizes on our vibrant co-evolutionary association with the variety we depend on. Pollan investigates on each meal tracing its provenance of everything consumed, showing the hidden components we unknowingly consume, relating the how the taste of particular foods reflects to our environmental and biological inheritance. An industrial eater is a person whose food contains of processed foods. The food processing companies have been successful in their tactics for overcoming people’s inability to eat more than 15 pounds of food per year.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons as to why we consume food. One of them being, obtaining nutrition for a healthy body. The issue of consumers’ enjoyment to a certain food is also of great importance though this fact is sometimes ignored. Moreover, the rise in demand of ‘healthy alternatives’ by consumer has in the time, left manufactures in dilemma.      

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