Personal model of leadership involves healthy approaches individuals use to influence and guide teams and organizations. The model is a combination of personal leadership traits, attitudes and measures we take to ensure the success of the company.

It is worth to note that the most successful people and businessmen are exceptional leaders. Good leaders are capable to influence others with their personal traits and personal model of leadership. Ability to influence and lead people does not only help to give the individual insights about the business but also provides insights about life. There are four levels of personal models of leadership that help to guide an individual on the leadership model and traits. They are values and beliefs, behaviors and actions, clear approach for creating planning and purpose, and impact.

The level of values and beliefs entails the integrity, beliefs, attitudes and the values of an individual. In order for an individual to attain or achieve success in business and life, they have to treat other people with respect and concern. This entails performing selfless services, setting a good example, engaging in volunteer work and becoming a good role model for the employees of the company. In this way, the leader will be able to influence employees and set a good precedence (Longo & Gibson, 2011).

Leader’s behavior is not only important but also is the very core of the leader’s values. The leader’s behavior should be a reflection of his/her values. It is important to note that good leaders are not born good leaders. People rather become leaders the process of attaining knowledge, teaching and sharing knowledge, and self study. The leader’s behavior and actions should inspire the staff and other people around him/her. The leader must have the ability to listen to and be sensitive to other people. In this way, he/she will be able to help out and support employees. By own example, the leader shows the employees the way to behave and act in certain situations.

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There are numerous particular things in an organization or a business that must be done. The employees of the organization must know what to do. This knowledge does not come naturally but is instilled and acquired from learning and continual work. A good leader should be able to improve his skills by studying and working. Continuous improvement of his/her leadership will result in setting achievable goals and effective planning for the organization. Good communication between the employees and the leader is very important since it contributes not only to good relations in the organization but also to transparency and clarity of work processes. A leader is an individual in authority but should not use force and intimidation to reach the stated purpose and perform according to the planning. Therefore, the leader has to be able to work with other employees and maintain good relations in order to fulfill the mandate of the company.

Attributes of a good leader ensure there is a positive impact on other people and activities. Leadership’s impact is vivid in the communication of the vision to employees and the ability to help them understand key aspects of company’s strategies. The key aspect is to help the employees to understand the objectives of the business and what they need to do in order to achieve these objectives (Yammarino, 2009).

A leader must seek self-improvement in all directions. It is the leader’s priority to make sound decisions on time, develop appropriate atmosphere in the workplace, and share values for the common vision and outlook. Leader has to be patient to and mindful of the employees and their well being. Consequently, a good leader will ensure that employees clearly understand the tasks and work for accomplishment of shared goals and vision.

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