The port of Helsinki is the main port of Finland, and it is specialized in cargo services that are unitized for Finnish companies that carry out foreign trade. This port has sometime had regular balanced export and import as well as line traffic. The port specializes in unitized cargo containers, trailers, trucks and traffic. The port has a general setting, whereby it has excellent collaboration with their partners, which makes it effective, efficient and sound.

Port of Helsinki has values such as productivity, customer orientation, reliability, and environmental responsibility. These values contribute to the prosperity of Helsinki by improving its business life. The port has three harbors: west harbor, which is the cargo and passenger traffic, south harbor that focuses on both the cargo and passenger traffic, Sörnäinen Harbor that is the cargo traffic but it is not in use and Vuosaari harbor that is the main port for cargo, and passenger traffic.

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On the layout of the port, the port has five places meant for cruisers so that they can berth in the port. Two berths are located in Hernesaari, and has is its own area for security. In the security area of the west harbor, one berth is also located for cruisers. Other two berths meant for cruisers are located on the eastern side of the Katajanokka terminal. Although these berths are in the security area that is fenced, the area surrounding the ships is completely separated from the security area. The port is large, and its length if seven hundred and forty meters while the water depth is 8.8 meters. 

The expansion plans were meant to secure the future of the port. By the year 2060, the company operating within the port plans to locate the mega ports in the offshore near artificial islands so that the layouts are optimized. The ports will later be sustained using river terminals before the demands changes. Tracking systems that are automated will also be used to store and locate the required containers, and be powered by solar panels. Other improved will be increasing the number of containers from one hundred tones to two thousand per lift. With these improvements the port will be more effective and efficient. 

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