In the recent years the united state government has been involved in the war against terror in Afghanistan.  Since the 11th September blast which happened in the twin towers buildings in New York, the US government swore to ensure that the issue on terrorism has been brought to the past. The al-Qaida is the group which is constantly blamed for most of terror attacks which have happen in the recent past all over the world.

The intelligence of the US government came up with the idea of sending their military personnel to Afghanistan so as to assist in fighting the Al Qaeda group and to ensure the campaign about war in terror are spread across the universe. Most of the developed countries were against the idea but the US government decided to go ahead with the idea. It promised its citizen that his government will ensure that it complete the mandate of fighting terrorism which was not the case.

The intelligence of the US government is tending to loose on the unending battle on war against terror. Al Qaeda is still continuing to attack various nations who seem to have strong links with the US government. Afghanistan has managed to successfully manage to rebel the presence of the US military in their country. The intelligence seems to fail in the sense that a lot of civilians back in Afghanistan are continuing to suffer and die in the mercy of the US military action whereas the main culprits e.g. Osama are still pursuing in the terror war.

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It is rather obvious that there are certain principles of intelligence which the US government did not study carefully before embarking on attacking the nation of Afghanistan. For instance, the central principle (also known as the adversary) was not utilized by the US government in its decision making. It clearly lacked the knowledge about the method of operation that it would have used in fighting terrorism. It is very important that before embarking into an operation, every nation is supposed to strategize on the main goal and objective of the intended operation.

The other main principle which was not certainly utilized is the intelligence effort.  It is known that the scope and orientation highly depend on decision coming from the commander so as to ensure that there is successful accomplishment of the said mission. It is very important that the US military to have joint effort so as to enjoy the success on war against terror. It should be the responsibility of each and every military personnel to ensure he is able to handle his duty effectively and to have the spirit of working together as a team.

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