I would like to thank all staff for hard work to ensure this company is operating well. We have been using email and text messaging as the main means of company communication over the last few years. The intranet established in the company's facility has enabled email communication to be fast, reliable, and the most secure mode of communication for all the employees of this company. The administration has also made tremendous steps in ensuring all employees have company cell phones by means of which company related issues can be communicated. This is a reminder of the company policy on using emails and text messages for communication.

Security of information

First of all, security of the information of the company is of great importance. All staff should ensure that they have strong passwords. These passwords should be accessible only to them and no other person. Secondly, all the personnel are to use the company email addresses to communicate official information. Personal emails are prone to hacking and the company cannot guarantee their security. However, the company emails are secure and all necessary security measures have been taken in order to ensure there is no hacking into the organization's private database. Employees are to scan their documents using the appropriate antivirus software provided by the company. It will enforce protection of the company’s computers and networks from viruses and malware.

Misuse of company resources

All staff members should take into consideration this warning against using company email and text messaging services for personal communication. Only official communication is to be made by means of company’s facilities. In case of violation of any of these rules by any member of staff, necessary actions will take place. Such actions are controlled by company’s rules and regulation. (Refer to company’s rules and regulations on use of company resources).

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Content guideline

The content of emails and text messages communicated to fellow members of staff should be of certain ethical and moral standards. These standards include:

•          Proper use of language.

•          Direct relevance.

•          No harassment or intimidation of the recipient.

•          Address to the proper recipient.

Proper use of language is of paramount importance while communicating to fellow members of the staff. The language used must be always respectful, no matter what kind of a position the recipient holds. The text content should be neither abusive nor romantic in any way. Use of harsh language, intimidation, or abuse will result in an appropriate action against individuals responsible for violation of rules.

Communication monitoring

The company has developed an advanced system for communication monitoring in order to ensure that company resources are free from misappropriation or misuse, and to enforce the rules and regulations that govern company communication. However, this system will not be used to infringe privacy of the company's staff. The confidentiality of your information is a priority and management has made all necessary arrangements to preserve it.


All staff is free to use company communication systems to air their opinions, complaints, and suggestions without fear of accusation.

Proper communication is what will move us from where we are to where we want to be. Therefore, as a company members we should ensure that we communicate well and effectively. All these guidelines should be adhered and followed to the letter. Failure to follow the stated rules and regulations will lead to necessary actions. As the management, we are anticipating a free and fair communication which helps to develop this company.

In case you require any further details, information, guidance or instructions please contact Mr. X or Mrs. X on [email protected]

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