The established powers fight back by imposing strict rules that do not favor the rest of people in the music industry. The fighting back is also through the aggressive marketing and creation of a cult like the culture in the music scene. This cult like the culture controls both the musicians and the fans that cannot choose any other music apart from that of the established powers.

Schlock Rock is the music of low quality but it corporately is radio friendly. This type of music often targets the adolescents. The examples of this kind of music include Nickelback and Metallica.

Rock ‘n’ roll has the characteristics of satanic elements. Many people attack this genre of music with such claims that musicians experience the possession of the unknown spirit during the performance of this music. This possession is a feature of rock and roll music. The musicians playing rock ‘n’ roll have experienced many unexplained deaths of both their fans and their own all over the world.

Pop is a term that dates back to the year 1926 to describe the kind of music that had a popular appeal aimed at the youth. It was essentially the term for describing the rock ‘n’ roll music; that is displayed by such wel-known band like Beatles. The term pop appeared as a diversion from the normal rock ‘n’ roll that associates with satanic elements in the society and had started losing its popularity. Pop is simply rock ‘n’ roll with a new name provided.

The Civil Rights Movement was against the rock ‘n’ roll music. However, when it came to be the popular music, the two parallel institutions have come to an agreement. Both, the popular music and the Civil Rights Movement had a significant influence on the lives of people. The popular music that had a declaration of Satanism by the society faced the fights from the Civil Rights Movements. On the other hand, the inspiring popular songs got a lot of support from the Civil Rights groups.

The British invasion in the pop charts was massive in the 1950s when the rock ‘n’ roll music had lost most of its influence. Pop music then took over. The rise of the influential British band, for instance, The Beatles, in Liverpool and The Rolling Stones in London made the British charts take over the pop charts. These two bands had dominated the pop music scene for the very long time.

Breaking the sounds of silence means to come out of the ordinary classical music culture into the classical modern music.  This is the feature that has a massive promotion by the rock bands and popular music in their time. They insist on leaving the song and letting the music take over people. The rock music and heavy metal have many characteristics including the loud guitars and drum sets sounds, thus, the term is used as breaking the sounds of silence.

In the sixties, there comes the counter culture from the music industry. The normal classical music almost disappears from the scene. The popular music from such band as The Beatles in England replaces the classical music. The popular music has the characteristics of a lot of hypes, and, thus, the culture also changes to being more careless, free and violent among the youth. This is a direct impact of the pop music.

Punk rock is a type of rock music characterized by fast beats, stripped-down instrumentation and that is hard edged. They are usually the short songs with the political anti-establishment lyrics. Most punk rock believes in the DIY ethics of self-sufficiency, and, thus, it is the production, recording and distribution through the informal channels; from here the name white noise has been derived.

Disco is a genre of dancing that comes from the seventies. There were the reactions to dominate the rock ‘n’ roll music culture; this was a challenge to the stigmatization of dance culture. All this was a result of the counterculture during this era. Disco associates itself with the fast beat music especially with rock ‘n’ roll leading to the name rhythm without blues.

The music television (MTV) started in the year 1981. This was the time when rock ‘n’ roll had a lot of influence on the music industry. The music television provides a central platform for music lovers, where they can get all their favorite music videos, the information on music concerts, promotions and other music related events. This is a tremendous boost to the music industry.

The charity rock mega events was in the mid of the eighties. This is the time when the world was facing different catastrophes, and the rock musicians came to sing and raise the funds to help the affected people. This was especially favorable through radio cassettes and satellite transmitters. In the year 1985, we had the Band Aid followed by Live Aid, and finally there was the action called We Are the World. In 1986, we had a conspiracy of hope for the amnesty international from U2. During the period between the years 1988 and 1990, there were two international concerts in Wimbledon stadium to help Nelson Mandela and achieve free from colonialism South Africa.

Technology is playing a crucial role in the international music. Many music bands had their music listened to all over the world because of the technology. Several copies of music tapes, cassettes and discs could be created at the ultrafast speeds and easily transported to anywhere needed. With the dominance of internet, getting music out the international borders has become extraordinarily easy. The technology has fundamentally removed all the barriers to the international music.

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The eighties were the exciting years for music legends. Some of such superstars of that time were: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Duran Duran, and Kylie Minogue.

After the collapse of the economy, everything possible had to be done to recover. As such, more people invested into music recording deals as this was the current culture among most people. The formulation of strict laws to cover the piracy of music in the society helps to ensure the payment of all taxes and the recovery of the economy getting a massive boost for the music industry.

Heavy metal rock was founded in the late 60s and early 70s. It starts in the midland of the United Kingdom with the roots derived from blues rock and psychedelic rock. It comprises of the thick heavy sound, extended solo guitars, emphatic beats and highly amplified distortions. The first bands that used the heavy metal were The Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

The parent music resource center is a censorship committee that advocates for the increased parental control over their children’s access to music. This is nNot just the simple music but the music that has the perception as being violent or related to sex and drug abuse.

Censorship is a slimy issue that faces a lot of political critiques. The argument is that the Constitution gives every individual the right to information. Censorship deprives people of this right on the information they need at the time they want and in the whole.

Alternative became the main stream as the association of rock ‘n’ roll to the Satanism increased. The relation of rock ‘n’ roll to sex and drug abuse also reduced in its popularity among the parents and Civil Rights groups. As such alternative has become the main stream to avoid conflicts in the society.

Country is another alternative to rock ‘n’ roll. Country music has the characteristics of soft instrumentals and calm music. This is opposite to the violent and loud music made by the hard metal and other rock genres. This makes the country music a perfect alternative.

The years of the nineties have an association with the following types of music: gangster rap, hip-hop, r ‘n’ b, teen pop, grunge, euro dance, punk rock and electronic dance music.

Black music is based on the audio editing in studios. The base is a demonstration of power and influence. The base in the black music also indicates a sense of control.

Piracy has been a serious problem in the music industry for ages. Many musicians lose a lot of money and nerves for music when their music materials have illegal discs produced and are sold at the low prices. There are also those people who steal the musician’s lyrics and other beats. This reduces the quality of music that people are receiving.

The return of rock has been again from the late 90s to the new millennium. This was after the rock musicians had addressed the societal concerns of their music. The romance rock, blues rock, soft rock and Christian rock had a lot of impact on the return of rock. This was after the society had changed its perception of rock music.

The idol worship is the worship to a physical object as a god. This is in contrast to the Supreme Being of God that has to be worshiped according to many religions.

Hip hop can be termed as the new rock due to its massive influence on youth. It is also related to the gang life, violence, drug abuse and sex just as rock is.

Reggae tone is a music genre derived from reggae. It has the characteristics of Jamaican accent, fast beats and vigorous dancing. This music genre is quickly becoming the people’s favorite one.

Tin Pan Alley incorporates the African American music firstly including African Americans into the song writing crew. Such people like minstrel, coon songs and tear jerker were the tremendously influential black personalities in the music industry. They led the other African Americans to producing music and revolutionizing the pop generation.

The growth of the network radio has increased in the recent years. Many people have an access to radios due to the reduced costs of manufacturing these devices. The more affordable they are to people in the society, the more they are subjected to use. The improvement of technology has also led to the growth of the radio network. Smaller devices that can easily be kept in the people’s pockets are under invention and construction each and every day. Radio networks are also easy to maintain. This explains the radio network growth.

Programmers are the individuals who create and run certain programs. Their work is primarily coming up with a structure of the required program developing it and ensuring it is working fine. Advertisers, on the other hand, market the products that are coming due to the programmers’ work. Their work involves making the public aware of the existing products and providing them to customers.

Tin Pan Alley constructs the mainstream tradition by recording music that is impacting on the majority of people at the moment. Because all the production houses are located at the same place, it is remarkably easy for them to influence on each other to create the nice hits. When a certain genre of music that Tin Pan Alley is promoting is the favorite one for the majority of people, the mainstream tradition is appearing.

Blues and country music are both emotional and have the soft instrumentation applied. They are nonviolent and encourage more love than hate. Their slow nature gives calmness and meditation with a chance to work at an individual. These characteristics make the blues and country music to be more similar to each other.

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