Rape is a sexual assault which involves sexual intercourse and is instigated by one or more than one persons against another person devoid of that person’s consent. It may be implemented by coercion, physical force without a valid consent. The person who commits the act of rape is called a rapist.
a) Causes of rape
 Apparently, there is no theory which irrefutably explains causes of rape; rapist motives can be multi-factorial and is subject to debate. However, several reasons have been put forward, for instance, lust for  sex, economic causes; when females expectations increase to the extent that a considerable number of men cannot meet the expense of a woman rape incidences also increases, expression of disempowerment, realistically disempowerment is not the principal cause of rape however, it contributes. Other factors that have been proposed to contribute to rape include: evolutionary pressures, anger, sadism as well as desire for sexual gratification. 
b) Effects of rape
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Rape victims can be traumatized severely as a result of the assault and may have problematic functioning they were used to previously before the assault. It results in several effects disruption of sleeping patterns, concentration as well as eating habits, for instance. Most rape victims face acute stress disorder and it includes symptoms which are similar to posttraumatic stress disorders, for instance intense and sometimes unpredictable emotions. The victim may find it difficult to handle memories of the assault. Few months after the assault these problems can be upsetting therefore, making the victim not to reveal their ordeal to anyone else.
c) Prevention and treatment 
 The best way of protecting yourself from any rape incidence is that you should not be conquered by fear. You only need to be aware of your surrounding as well as listen to your gut. Here, are a few tips which are very essential in rape prevention: you should not walk alone in deserted areas, do not shy away from reporting an incidence since your suspicion could be wrong, fear should not keep you from living a normal life, keep all your properties well maintained and manicured particularly exits and entrance to avoid rapists from hiding in such areas especially around your home or house. Counseling is the best treatment method which can be offered to the rape victims.

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