Employees are required to implement comprehensive safety and healthy programs. This is meant to reduce injury and illness at the working place. Moreover, they are required to submit an annual written certification. This should be inspected by a third party in accordance to the requirements of OSHA. These approaches have various advantages to the employees that include the following: helps to avoid or minimize accidents at the working place as well as guarantee workers for safe working environment. Moreover, the rights of disabled workers are also protected. Sex discrimination at the working place is also illegalized. Supreme Court has the mandate to ensure compliance with such laws. These programs also aim at motivating employees to comply with government regulations regarding safety and rights of employees. Companies are required to engage in public relations to enhance their public image. This compels the firm to improve its working environment in order to attract customers and employees.

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Some of the disadvantages of these approaches may include the following: it may be a burden to those involved in making decisions; some decisions demand the exercise of conscience. This may make it impossible for the parties involved to exercise constitutional sense. In addition, it may be hard to determine worker’s willingness to risk his or her health against his efforts to work for the company. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees that safety and health standards at any working place are adhered to. Unfortunately, it has become irrelevant to most employees. This is a major disadvantage of these programs as some agencies may be formed and fail to meet the expectations of workers. Most of the programs have shown inability to protect thousands of workers in both private and public sectors. This is mainly during emergence and recovery efforts. Therefore, there are various statutory problems regarding employees. Notably, OSHA does not cover its employees as it is supposed to be. However, its authority is limited by the fact that it is has no legal rights to shut down jobs that are dangerous.

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