This study tries to find out the conditions in which someone on the consideration of where to undertake his/her yoga health retreat would prefer. Yoga health retreats in Bali for example, a single visit, would linger in the tourists’ mind due to the inner renewal of their joy and relief. While in such locations, one makes lifelong lasting friendships with the new pals met during yoga sessions. A yoga tourist may want to have adventures for luxury but lack the time to do that. Therefore, time is of the essence when considering where to take a yoga tour. In India yoga is a leading service offered. Yoga helps one to get conversant with their body alignment, posture and patterns of motion. It helps the body relax even in times of grave stress. Once on yoga, the student feels energetic, relaxed and eventual happiness endures (Kotler, 2009).

Main aim of undertaking yoga

Ways in which mind’s operation can be enhanced, that is, psychological remedies got identified as the key view points for need of yoga. Yoga classes are the main service offered in the Indian spas. Yoga helps people refocus on their lives and reconnect them with their spiritual side of life. An expert delivers to clients through providing quality classes (Pirrie, 2006).

Source of yoga tourism trends data.

Many people in search of yoga retreats lack the time to travel due to occupation by their work. This does not mean that they would hate indulging in the luxurious yoga activities (Kasper, Helsdingen & Gabbott, 2006). Tourism packages mostly aiming to raise local tourism level would be laid down for scrutiny. When choosing the best location to have yoga services, it is dependent on the level of luxury desired and financial capability. The tourists’ familiarity with the retreat package makes the venture to be viable anywhere in the world due to the widespread desire for yoga worldwide.  Locations of spas in a calm area such as Bali would further outlay the benefits of having yoga in certain locations from the yoga tourists’ desire. The serene atmosphere surrounding from inside the rooms would not be exempted from the attracting factors of yoga tourism (Clark, Sobel & Basteri, 2010).

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Research methodology

A research on the viability of yoga tourism had to be conducted among the population living in India. All leisure activities in the finest Cities also got surveyed and accounted for. Services extending from Yoga centers, manicures, spas, gym and fitness centre, beauty, and health treatment flourished well (Barney & Clark, 2007). From the case study, people are shifting from the less passive ways of spending their leisure time and in to yoga. Many people from those interviewed admired yoga whose main aim is to unify the mind, spirit and the body (Jeffs, 2008).

Data and statistical Analysis

Given the admiration for yoga and the serene environments, it further enhances the choice of the location to have a yoga tour. Facilities to provide yoga should be cheap yet meeting luxury standards. It is crucial to get high quality yoga to keep yoga tourism under continued desire to have it once more (Cannon, 1992).

Treatment of data obtained

Given the positive responses from the highly populated area, the idea of having yoga by an individual, solely depended on financial stability, desire to explore, and the nearness to the yoga facilities. Out of ten people interviewed, seven had an interest in leisure time and out of those, at least six would want to give a try on yoga classes in India (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 2011).

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