In Descartes’ Meditation I, he questions some beliefs that are subject to doubt due to the contentious aspects addressed. First, Descartes meditates about the personal opinions he had taken as acceptable during his youth. As a youth he had not much experience thus, he realizes he had accepted deceitful opinions as true. On the basis of the principles he had accepted these opinions, Descartes’ sought to get rid of them by abiding to a firm by waiting to be experienced enough beyond a reasonable doubt. Consequently, Descartes rejects all ideas that have even the slightest lack of certainty. The certainty of a belief thus is scrutinized with the approach of what principles it is based on. In addition, Descartes’ is keen to realize that the upheld truth, which we acquire through senses are to some extent deceitful. In fact, the criticism is that the caution is necessary since there is no absolute confidence that supports these truths.

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The sense does not give us a chance to observe closely the information presented as truth, such as minute objects. However, some manifestation of truth is manifested explicitly beyond a reasonable doubt. For instance, the reality that someone is seated on a chair, holding an object, or dressed in a coat during the winter season. Likewise, it is impossible to deny that we actually possess hands and other body parts. Denial of such explicit truth would lead one to be classified as insane since only insane persons would act as such claiming falsehood of duly accepted facts.

In Descartes’ meditation II, he meditates who he is. The perception of an intellect, knowledgeable being is what he deems himself to be. It is disagreeable that he is a rational animal since he realizes inquiry into what an animal is would contradict that assertion. The cognition that Descartes’ is existent is enough evidence that he existent. This is the belief, which Descartes find undoubful in his meditation. Thus, he is an intellectual being judged to be human.

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