Reading the book, ‘Steve Jobs’ a biography of  Steve Jobs by Isaacsons, it is when you know that if an oracle, a genius, a legend, mentor and an optimist lived on the earth, it would be Steve Jobs.  His touch on technology, design and engineering left the world puzzled.  To the world, he was a genius who has revolutionized technology and left impeccable marks that cannot be ignored for generations. He was a gifted mentor. However, his life was not as easy as way may opt for taking. Steve was born on 24 February in 1955 to two university graduate students at the University of Wisconsin, and they gave the little angel up for adoption by Abdulfutah, Assyrian political science professor and Joanne who was a speech therapist. It was not until Steve was 27 years when Steve uncovered the truth of his life.  He died on 5 October, 2011.

Taking a walk into the culture of ordinary life, he got married in the wake of 1990’s to Powell and they had three children, but the decline of his health in 2009 sent lots of fear in the world. In 2003, Steve was diagnosed with suffering from the pancreatic cancer, but he chose not to go for surgery immediately, but later in 2004, he had a successful surgery and a pancreatic tumor was surgically removed.

Adopted by Clara and Paul, the toddler was given the name Steven Paul Jobs. They lived in Mountain View within the Californian Silicon view. Paul, Steve’s guardian father used to be a mechanic and the teen boy Steve lived to work on the electronic devices in the family unit garage, where Steve would be shown how to reconstruct electronics. This without a doubt made him a mechanical expert with lots of intelligence, buoyancy and unspeakable optimism. He sprung up his productivity and innovativeness, as it grew profoundly with his youth promising; he had little or not much interest in academics; up to some point his fourth grade teacher would bribe him to study in elementary schools. After he had enrolled in high school, he spent a lot of his time at the Hewlett-Packard, where he developed mutual friendship with a computer club leader called Steve Wozniak, a brain in computer engineering.

The dramatic twist of events on how Steve made it in the adoption to land into the hands of a mechanic, and had his hands on electronics leads to some few questions. Are human beings predestined? Even when something unwanted happens to one’s life, it has some reason. Like Steve’s life events of adoption, later dropping out of high school and becoming a video designer after lacking something to do? 

He became a lover of topography after he dropped out his studies in the ReedCollege in Portland, after he had lacked which way to go. In 1974, Steve became a video game designer with Atari. Later left for India, but much later when he was 21 years old, Steve, driven by passion reunited with his friend Wozniak and they started the Apple computers with the duo gurus starting from the family’s garage at their premises, with Steve selling his Volkswagen car and Wozniak selling his lovely scientific. They made technology a big democracy, made machines lighter, small, intuitive and accessible by almost all. They made various models of Apple computers in 1988s, generating unspeakable amounts of money and they are still in the market up to date. What else is a life worth emulation; from humble beginnings to major world waves and impacts?

We may not talk of modern day technology of Macbook, iPod, iTunes, and iPhone with Steve jobs. This has brought a new face in the world. His innovations have sent innovators back to the drawing board to come fresh, but he has always remained ahead. What a hero gone to the merciless hands of the grave.

The life and miles covered by Steve Jobs in his life are a challenge to the academics of engineering students; to foster creativity and productivity. Working tirelessly and investing time in research is the ideal way to go.

A read of the biography leads to a focus on the protagonist’s life events, which in turn leads to focus on personal life. However, the third aspect out of biography makes the reader focus on the third aspect of the partner’s life. Therefore, a biography is a threefold read.

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