On a busy day like week days especially Mondays and Wednesday, the central business district is a complex place to be. You only need to be accustomed to it to avoid feeling its pressure. Four o’clock in the evening, the sun begins to draw itself lower down the horizon, dimming the landscape and leaving a bright orange glow. For the city, its towering structures and sky crappers leave enormous shadows on the people and the ground bellow. The sun’s setting opens up to one of the complexities experienced in the city center.

Five o’clock, car horns and sirens can be heard from a distance as it moves closer and closer towards the city center. This happens daily because as people make haste towards their destinations, rushing desperately as if they were chasing something back home, the traffic builds up from bypasses and roundabouts towards the city center. Car horns and sirens now engulf the city center as vehicles and people crisscross ways from packing lot to the roads.

City lights can be seen changing from red, yellow to green as an endless flow of people and vehicles litter the town. This crazy robust life is nearly seen everyday making an evening routine as everybody must make it home before dark. On most roads, the flow is near a stand still as vehicles try to maneuver potholes and cracks that have developed over the tarmac. Vehicles of different colors as they make their way slowly along the roads form a rainbow of many colors.

At this time, the orange glow of the sun has given a way to a darkness that slowly begins to engulf the town. This does not totally happen since the town itself has some man made lights that are unevenly switched on to give life to a night city. As a complex place to be in, you might wonder why people never go down with the sun.

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