Teamwork and productivity are two terms that can be used to determine efficiency and feasibility of a process. People may want to establish what actually happens when a person takes on some job. Of great interest will be the results realized when a similar task is conducted by a team. It has been found out that, teams both involve simultaneous actions of individuals and the coordination between members of the team. This approach can dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity ensuring a faster accomplishment of the task at hand. Carrying out tasks or working on jobs in groups highly motivates people and persuades them to offer their best in getting the task done. There is a lot of literature that assert that teamwork can amount to effectiveness in projects by claiming that good teamwork amounts to good projects ((Hoegl and Gemueden, p. 435).

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There has been a lot of interest in teamwork by companies and corporations even though they do not really have such great anticipation for teamwork to augment efficiency. The truth is, the quality of teamwork is positively linked to the productivity of employees and job satisfaction. Team work quality is the quality of communication and interaction between the members of a team in a given task. Team work quality has a lot of attributes that evaluate the quality of coordination, communication, interaction, mutual support, cohesion, member contributions balance and effort (Hoegl and Gemueden, pp. 435-449). All these elements have a very huge impact on the success of the task that is being handled by a group. Communication is the most important aspect even though the other elements are also very important. In a nutshell, teamwork has a lot of significance in promoting efficiency and productivity in a given task. If effectively employed, teamwork can propel the missions and visions of corporations and business organizations in general. Productivity can really experience a major boost if the aforementioned attributes are effectively applied. 

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