Terrorism can be defined as an inhuman act that is made to scare or cause terror to the community. These activities include unlawful traits and violence, which can even lead to war between the civilians, and the suspected terrorists. Terrorism is both politically and emotionally centered, with some of the state organs using it to potentially legitimize the countries internal security system. It is due to this act that the government is led to tighten its internal security system. Therefore to some extent I can justify that terrorism, just as punishment is violent, so it is terrorism, purposeful violent (William, 1998). Some acts of terrorism have been a means of information, and through them a lot has been learned. Countries have invested heavily in the security sector, thus reducing acts of terrorism

            Terrorism can be classified into several categories such as Political and non-political terrorism, Civil disorder, quasi terrorism among others. These categories in one way or another have significance influence to the community. For example, Political and non-political terrorism, can be used by the government to have either positive or negative impact. Mostly the case is that, the government uses political terrorism in order to achieve its envisaged goal. Civilians have the mandate to give better judgment before getting incited by some of the traits related to some of these categories of terrorism. This will ensure that no conflict as a result of these terrorism acts.

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            In relation to this essay I will explain what utilitarianism means, what it entails and its relation with terrorism. Utilitarianism is a theory that clearly defines the right solution and plan to take in solving a given problem.  It caters for the interest of the majority, and the action to be taken is determined by the results of the problem being solved. According to Bentham, utilitarianism is the greatest happiness or greatest felicity principle (Bentham, 1789). Utilitarianism gives consent to make the correct decision, after carefully analyzing the consequences of the outcome. In relation to terrorism, one has to make sound judgment before taking part in any of terrorism acts. This is because, many countries have come up with unbearable judgment to offenders found guilty in a crime of terrorism. Utilitarianism depicts that, one should hold on to moral thinking because this act maximizes happiness one derives from the act of Utilitarianism. In addition, one should also venture into higher critical level of flash back in order to fully decide on the cause of action to take.

            To abide to the above mentioned notion, the theory of relativism comes in. This theory relates on the moral principles in life. Relativism is the act of facing life in reality and interpreting facts as they are and not relating them with past artistic achievements. It depicts the truthful and accurate contemporary nature offers and it assumes that reality is everyday’s activities.  Relativism also caters for the accurate explanation of a particular event, character, and describes it in a way that would have been considered unsuitable to neoclassical authors. By relating the theory of relativism, with terrorism and utilitarianism, we find out that they are all interrelated, and should be in cooperated into ones thought before deciding on what action to take. Social contract is also another theory which can assist in minimizing unlawful acts of terrorism. This is because social contract ensures that community is made aware of the importance of maintaining peace and avoiding conflict. This theory acts as a watchdog, and ensures that society understands the implication of war.

            The bottom line is that terrorism is an unlawful activity, and civilians should not at any point be involved in it. Peace should be maintained all over the world and avoid war no matter what it takes. 

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