The vital, informative role, for which film is purposed, is influential in a majority of documentaries. Focusing on American history, some of the movies which best serve this informative function include The American Revolution and Reconstruction. These movies thoroughly analyze the integral purpose served by war in building and shaping the history of America. Considering that they focus on different war periods, are directed by different individuals and feature different casts, these movies have distinct differences that make each unique. However, both are unified by important themes, especially with regard to political and historical significance. This essay will make a thorough review of these movies, providing a deep understanding of the two main themes around which the contents of the movies revolve.

Reconstruction is a 2004 film that focuses on the incidents that characterized the World War II. The movie achieves this by narrating the lives of four individuals who survived through the disastrous war. The director succeeds in making a captivating storyline by focusing on the lives of these four characters. The narrator also brings the audience to an understanding on his take on the war and the influence it had upon those affected. This movie is different from a majority of other historical films which mainly focus on the role of war in causing revolution. By focusing on the lives of individuals, rather than the activities of a troop, Reconstruction helps the audience to understand the importance of survival during war. The movie is action packed and has a three hour running time. This is sufficient time for the movie to educate, criticize and analyze. Reconstruction sets different agendas, which it achieves at the end of the movie’s running time.

The American Revolution is a documentary that chronologically breaks down the occurrences of America’s search for freedom. This movie bases its storyline on actual events of America’s war with Britain, providing an analysis of the happenings from the beginning to the end. Geographic regions are shown to be of importance in the war and are identified in every turn of events. Factors fueling the war are also identified, and the consequence of each occurrence is given relevance. This film tells a story in order to achieve its purpose. Characters are given the names of the real individuals that were involved in war. Every important detail of the war’s period is given worth, evidenced by the characters’ attire and the types of weapons used. In spite of the fact that the movie only tends to give a breakdown of activities as they occurred during the civil war, the director also succeeds in inserting themes and styles that are relevant for film development. This makes it possible for the movie to communicate effectively and appeal to the emotions of its audience.

In these movies, historical relevance is among the greatest elements regarded with significance. The history of the countries that are mentioned in Reconstruction is revealed through the filmed activities. For instance, in the early parts of the movie, the movie is filmed in North Africa, which is said to be the region of origin for the World War II. Focus is placed upon Africans’ insubstantial nature. The movie reveals that Africa was a continent that was still new to colonial rule and was yet to familiarize with the importance of revolutionary freedom. However, due to the language barrier between the core characters and the Africans in the film, the director is careful not to insist on the interaction between these two groups. In these early parts of the movie, the audience is introduced to the trendy patterns that were common during the world war. These include the attire, styling of hair, language and war equipment. Similitude between the occurrences of the World War and those of the movie is sustained to make the movie as realistic as possible.  This similarity helps the audience to understand the historical events as they happened. By making the characters’ attire, language and equipment similar to those used during the war, the audience learns about the cultures of the people who participated in World War II.

Warring among the nations that participated in World War II had great political relevance. This is revealed in Reconstruction as the different subjects who participated in war had to follow orders from high authority. This movie mainly focuses on the occurrences in the battlefield, rather than the offices from which decisions were made. It shows the impact of political decisions among those who were made to participate in the war. The movie appeals to the emotions of the audience by relating the lives of those who encountered suffering with the livelihood of humans. One importance scenes, which creates this kind of appeal, is whereby a woman delivers a baby in an army tank. This happens as warring activities carry on in the environment. Here, the director combines an element of success in delivery amid hardships and the wickedness of politics which led to the war. Focusing on the suffering of the soldiers also reveals that humans will place power and supremacy ahead of human values like peace and integration.

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The American Revolution differently shows historical and political relevance in the revolution of America. The movie shows the interests of Americans and the efforts that the army engaged in meeting them. For instance, the movie begins with the inciting factors that led America into defying their colonial power. The movie informs that rules were made in London without reference to the needs of Americans and then implemented in America. This shows that Britain found great relevance in power, and cared less about the welfare of the people over whom they ruled. The retaliatory action taken by the America was not meant to conquer Britain, but to voice the concerns of Americans. However, the movie informs that the first occurrence led to a series of wars over the years, until America forcefully gained its independence. This communicates that despite that political power is a virtue regarded by humans with importance, the need for respect outdoes greed associated with politics.

By outlining the occurrences that shaped America’s leadership, the movie serves an important function in informing about the history of the country. Most importantly, the father of a nation, George Washington’s efforts in consolidating an army, integrating states and eventually conquering Britain is depicted clearly in this movie. Some of the most important events revolve around Washington, who can then be identified as the main character of The American Revolution. An audience without knowledge about the history of America can learn much from this movie. More importantly, the movie also gives accurate dates in which all the occurrences happened. The locations in which different actions took place are also identified accurately, making the movie an accurate means for archiving the history of America.

A similar understanding of politics as that in Reconstruction is made in The American Revolution. The movie shows politics as a means by which humans seek supremacy over others, giving little importance to the well being of the latter. In this case, the English were interested in ruling over America for as long as they wished, making policies at will and taxing Americans for their own interests. The fact that they would not willfully let Americans govern themselves is evidenced in a scene whereby the movie informs of the declaration of war, to decide whether America would be self governed. Politics and history are shown to having been inseparable in the revolution that shaped America. At the end of this movie, the audience learns that politics are also inseparable with the future of the country. The fact that the country was founded on political organizations implies that every political decision made for the country is the importance for the integration of the states that were unified in search for self governance.

There are distinct characterizing elements that make characters from both movies similar. These include, among others, the occupational activities. The characters around whom the most important decisions revolve are soldiers. In Reconstruction, soldiers are governed to engage in war and are made to fight tirelessly for their countries. In Reconstruction, the soldiers are made to suffer as they pursue greatness for their leaders. A different approach is used in The American Revolution. In this movie, the soldiers decide to fight to free their country of colonial rule. This movie is important in communicating the importance of self motivation, as suffering is minimal in comparison to the joy that results from conquest.


The movies, Reconstruction, and The American Revolution are essential films using through audiences can derive relation. This is because the films serve the informative function flawlessly, by giving accurate information regarding the two momentous events in history. The understanding derived from these movies is not only applicable as knowledge of historical dates. These movies provide the knowledge that humans have in the past been involved in war for the mere purpose of supremacy. With this knowledge, the information provided in the movies can be utilized in strategizing for peace in the future of the audiences. These films are therefore crucial educative components, as well as features for entertainment.

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