L.A Confidential is a great film with lots of twists on the plot which requires full concentration. It was also voted the best film during the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival. The movie industry/show business is one of the most popular sectors in an economy and its well paying. However, this lucrative industry is depicted by the movie as one which is full of immorality and corruption. This is evidenced by the character David Strathairn who is a millionaire pimp who is running an escort service that offers movie stars look alike women to men. We can also see Bud White’s emotional destabilization when he sees Lynn Bracken, a call girl, who is to lead him into her bedroom. There is an also high case of men abusing women this makes Bud White (Russell Crowel) to be more than willing to bend the rules to pursue justice and his own interests no matter the cost.  Corruption is also shown to be part of this industry . The movie stars are more than often involved in illegal activities like drug abuse and when the law catches up with them, they hire one of their own in terms of integrity level to represent them in the courts of law. L.A. Confidential has a District Attorney by the name Ron Rifkin is of that character. He cannot be vetted to be on with unquestionable integrity. They also have a manipulative Chief of Police who can try to ensure that the cases go in the direction he wants them to based on the benefit package in waiting after the result has been achieved (Antony Leong, 2007). This film criticizes the brutality present in the police institution and also the violence against women. We can see that some officers are forced to testify against their fellow colleagues so as to ensure that their integrity is not compromised and have the surety to remain in their job positions. Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) at some point testifies against his fellow officers to retain his television technical advisor post. Bud White is also willing to bend the rules to ensure that justice is served by ensuring that those men who abuse women don’t go unpunished. This industry can be viewed to have a major influence on other kinds of business and social institutions. This movie portrays the police institution to be full of brutality and high level of corruption whereby the officers do not care about the lives of others but their own selfish interests. This picture has caused many people to loose faith in the police and to some extent think that the law is unfair. In the movie, a police officer is heard telling one of his juniors not to start doing any right thing as he has not had the practice. This is evidence that in most of the cases they don’t do the right thing. Exley also at some point is considered to be an enemy after testifying against his colleagues. In terms of business, this industry has created a lot of jobs for the youth for instances currently many young people are earning their daily living through the sale of the se movies. The actors, actresses, directors and producers also themselves are earning because of this industry. A restaurant which offers raffle tickets for its customers to either attend the premiers of specific movies or gives them a copy of the same tends to attract a lot of customers thus boosting its turnover. The success of these stars also does depend on what the journalis ts write about them based on their opinions. The movie industry has helped in the reformation of some institutions as they try to improve their overall image as depicted in these shows and to restore p[peoples trust in them.

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This movie passed a message that most of these movies produced to depict the true picture of what do always happens in these institutions and unless there is a change in these institutions, then we are not in a better place.

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