Americans are much more fearful today than even durig the second world war and other subsequnet wars because of anticipated domestic or international terrorism attacks. Though inthe 1990, unemployment rate remained below 5%, Gulf War and other international events made American families unhappy. Only 6% percentage of the American population believe that the that United States is making progress both in the economic and political  sucesss (6%). The issues that make americans fear are the drug problems of the youth, the unemployment rates, health matter, high crime rates and economic disasters among others.

The the early 1990’s, it was reported that the streets of America were more dangerous than a battle field because of rising drugs and crime. There were numerous cases of violent robberies and many people lost their lives imprinitng the negative pisture about US in the mind sof people.  Statitsica like 59 million american suffering from heart disease, 25 million suffering from osteoporoosis, 16 million obese, and 53 million with migraine paints a picture that about 150 million American are suffering daily. American opulation is about 300 millions and it become difficulat to comprehend how half the population remains sick; therefore, American happiness is being manipulated by statisitcs that seem to be double-dipped (XX). On the contrary, the American have not come up to inquire about the sources of statistics that paint a dull ang gloony picture about the American population health and wellbeing. The american streets were no longer safe places to walk again because of the media biased coverage of negative events only. Thus, the mind of most Americans beleive that every aspect about life has changed from good to worst. The sad part is that the perpetrators of the crimes were not apprehended resulting in creation of excessive fear. Ironical, innocent victims termed as suspects, served  jail terms for a short periods for crimes some did not commit revealing a culture of injustice.

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The youth seem to be in serious dangers than the parents can imagine. They face sex abuse from predators on the cyberspace and other public places. There is a tendency of  the youth to commit suicide, but authorities are reluctant with this issue since no solution has been found to combat children stressor stimuli. It was reported that, besides road accidents and  homicide, suicide continued to devastate teenagers who come in direct contact with street prejudice, crime and drugs. Street lifestyle and fear have contributed to social cancers like diseases such as AIDS, high poverty rates, divorce and even poor education facilities that further insinute a state of depression. Readily available guns have increaed the rates of victims dhot by students and gangaters.

Another cause of alarm is the rising cases of teenager parents. Young adolescent girls are getting pregnant at an early age without either economic capacity to start a family or parental ability to support family life. Therefore, children born out of such relationships find themselves dispaced from the frequent knwon American sucess dream creatimg more agony and sadness. The sadder situation is that young mothers usually give out their children to orphanages for food and child support because they cannot provide for them. This is disastrous for the country where dreams are supposed to come truer than any nation in the world.

Information is a great asset in the present world, but wrng infirmation, especoay information aimed at creating unnecessary fear to force United States citizens to spend mor ein peculative security and health is a very touchy matter. Terorism, disease, crime and financial inability are the main reasons causing fear in US. The corncerned authorities should chip in to make sure that these alarming trends remained contained and put under control is yet to be discussed in Senate and the public. In conclusion, the American society is under fear of different possible attacks from outside and within the United States. 

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