Similar to most successive groups that have been successive in getting what was rightfully theirs, our organization is the foundation and basis of our success. We are not only the most significant, but also the most organized group that operates in Europe, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Irish Republic. For the sustenance and survival of our organizations, we are in constant demand of bombs, sniper riffles, liquid cash, light medium and heavy weapons, explosives and ammunition. To ensure that we have a constant supply of these items, our organization relies on our loyal allies who never let us down in times of need. Throughout these years, we have received aid from various groups and countries that are in total support of our course. In exchange, we provide different services such as assisting these allies in improving their explosives and eliminating anyone they wish to do away with. To achieve our goal, which is to protect and prevent our enemies from taking over our country, which is s rightfully ours, we use different means including; assassination, robberies, bombings, kidnapping and extortion from individuals, organizations and even different governments. For instance, before the 1994 cease-fire, our main targets for kidnap included British police and military personnel operating in Northern Ireland. Apart from this group, we also target senior British government officials, and Northern Irish Loyalist paramilitary groups. On the same note, our bombing campaigns often target mainland British, shopping areas, subways and trains, British military facilities, and Royal Ulster Constabularies. We are an organized group that is closely knit family under the leadership of our revered army council. Although many people believe that our current membership stands at a mere 400 hard-core activists, they are utterly wrong because we have a membership that exceeds 10,000 individuals all over the world. Moreover, we have a significant number of second line or auxiliary activists who can be called in any time to help in our daily operations. Militarily, we are organized in different groups with each group having its duties. At the local level we have the volunteers who can be called in at any time to help or do a specific chore for the group. Following the volunteers, we have a seven-person Army Council that has the mandate of overseeing the day-to-day operations of our organization. Members who sit in this council include the chief of staff, the quartermaster and the adjutant general. Next we have about 40 middle ranking officers who make operation decisions for the group. At the helm of this organization sits the General Army Convention, which is the supreme authority of our organization. During our day-to-day operations, we often encounter difficulties and obstacles. For example, some of our members die while in the line of duty, an example being 21 year old Edward O’Brien. Secondly, we also encounter financial difficulties and that is why we sometimes engage in robberies. Third, most of our members require immense training, which is not only expensive but also time consuming. Lucky enough we sometimes receive our ally’s help when it comes to training our new recruits. Although we would like to have the support of the people in our course, we usually operate on our own agenda, irrespective of what people feel or say. It important that people understand our main objective is to sustain and promote peace. Therefore, we apologize to everyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by our actions or deeds in the line of duty. The naysayers who think that our organization is diminishing are in for a surprise because we have grown stronger than we were a decade ago.

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