The video is about several issues: the development of blues, the way it is sang by the representatives of the “Black continent” Africa and the usage of blues there, about the opportunity to make an instrument using natural sources and how to make it.

Not all of the Africans new how to play instrument from the very beginning. However, during working in the field they got used to sing. It’s not only made their day better but also this practice improved their sense of music. Just as economic theory claims: “Practice makes perfect”. 

This video also tells about the period of slavery during which the slaves sang while working. This, what we can call “tradition”, laid a foundation for a formation of a new music style “works songs”.

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This video also tells about other different music styles (i.e. Rural, Delta blues, and Folk) and also about the artists. The example which was gives is well-known blues singer Diddley Bo. In his songs the artists speaks about sex, relationship, and about the development of the spirituality (the camp meeting).

The other point which was talked about is the history of African people. As it is said in the video, having left their farms to get more money the Africans became depended, slaves, and workers. By using music they were able to express themselves, to express their thought, feelings which they were unable to express in any other way. Probably, it became a reason why such kind of songs usually tell us stories about life in Africa, about hard days and about how they miss their homeland.

To sum up, I would like to say that probably the main point of the video was to explain that it is Africa where blues appeared. 

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