CPA Australia is a program that enables one to stand out of the multitude based on his or her career. The program lender members with skills that respond to the demands of employers and skills that offer value deliverance. With the program, one can study anytime, and from anywhere because it offers distance learning and flexibility in subject. The program focuses on international business, strategy and leadership. Their mentored experiences of work ensure for ones’ personal effectiveness, business, technical, strategic, decision making and leadership skills that help in the career. The programs leading mission, is to develop leaders in fields of taxation, corporate governance and financial reporting. Additionally, the program is aimed at making people more competitive and flexible in the dynamic working environment. Therefore, people who participate in this program are always on high demand in the labor market compared to others.

Becoming a member to the program, one needs to submit a pathways assessment application for membership entry and all other supporting documents to CPA Australia. One is also required to comply with the set code of conducts set by the institution. A member is required to complete a comprehensive program on professional postgraduate study, undertake complete, professional development activities each year, and complete an undergraduate degree accredited by the institution. CPA members are also required to complete institutions public practice program in order for one to offer public accounting services, which involves a residential component and distant learning, and must also hold a public practice certificate in accordance with the institutions’ by-laws. This ensures high quality education among students and gives them an added advantage when it comes to seeking of jobs.

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia goal is to lead the profession by setting the benchmark for highest educational, professional and ethical standards, delivering visionary leadership projects and promoting and enhancing the Chartered Accountant brand. It represents the interest of government, academia, industry members and the public by engaging the local and international bodies and its membership actively in public policy, regulatory issues and government legislation.

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Becoming a member to the program, one needs a degree level qualification from a recognized institution, either through an accredited institute of Australia degree or masters in accounting with passes in core knowledge areas, in subjects that are required by the institute or overseas qualification that have been recognized and accessed by the institution and demonstrated the required knowledge level of the core knowledge areas, required by the institute or completed a non accounting Australian degree and accredited Institute conversion course. Starting the first module, the candidates must be employed in an Institute accredited organization in a relevant accounting role. The candidates must also record and demonstrate workplace competence. Members are required to comply to the by-laws, standards and regulations in the members handbook of the institution.

The National Institute of Accountants can be described as a professional organization that offers personalized, flexible solutions focused and responsive approach to its’ members. It specializes in regulator news, corporate reporting, audit, accounting, business development, tax, superannuation, and finance and business management. To become a member one needs an Advanced Diploma in accounting completion with a graduate certificate in Professional Accounting, from the institute or a university degree in accounting completion or three years experience in accounting.

New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants is an institution that develops financial accountants and auditors. It is an institute for practicing accountants who are in the public practice. It has three memberships, which includes accounting technicians, chartered and associate chartered accountants. Becoming a member of any of the designations, one is needed to complete an academic study, a practical experience program and a professional competence program.

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