First and foremost, getting Khazanah scholarship will be an ample opportunity for me to gain adequate knowledge and skills that will be vital for me personally and the society at large. Additionally, this scholarship will have a significant impact on my future life, because it will enable me to become competitive in the job market. The scholarship will enable me to take a course in either Bsc. Mathematics and Computer Science or Actuarial Science. These two courses are in my area of passion since I would like to have advanced knowledge and skills in mathematics and technology and use it in solving real world problems.

Getting this scholarship will not be a personal victory, but I will ensure that it goes back to the people and the nation of Malaysia through my contribution to good governance practices and leadership development. Bad government practice in Malaysia and other places in the globe is sometimes caused by the lack of knowledge and skills. Sometimes, some leaders in the society do things wrongly simply because they do not know the right way to do them. As much as their actions are not intended, they lead to a reduced rate of development in the country. This is mostly due to the leadership having wrong priorities in allocation and appropriations of funds and resources at both community and government levels. Proper knowledge would be critical in analyzing and evaluating the most feasible financial venture(s) to be undertaken at personal, societal as well as national levels to ensure the optimum returns for the present and the future times as well as the welfare of the society and that of the entire country.

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I am certain that the knowledge I will gain from taking one of the courses I mentioned earlier would help me to be analytical and have a mind that is critical enough to help the people of Malaysia have improved governance through better allocation of resources and opportunities. I would be more than privileged to do something especially in contribution to good government practices in the country.

Education empowers; it informs, inspires, transforms, and enables people to develop and lead a better life (Bruner, 1996). Leadership is essentially showing direction or leading, a leader must know the direction or course of action. The best way of being informed and transformed to cause or effect a change or an improvement in any system is through education and especially higher education. The majority of the society would desire a modern approach to the issues in their lives. I will apply the knowledge obtained to cause a change in any capacity I would be.

Since my main interest is in mathematics, I want to put all my efforts and attention to solving real world problems. With the knowledge and skills, I will be able to identify where the problem is in any system, either in the government or any societal organization. Additionally, I will apply my knowledge and skills in analyzing and finding the possible remedy as well as the ways of avoiding such problems in the future. My approach would be directed at getting the most cost effective techniques of addressing the problem as well as preventing its recurrence in future.

The knowledge I obtain as a result of Khazanah scholarship will enable me to identify the best ways of approaching various issues in different walks of lives in Malaysia. For example, in the government, manufacturing, and services industries among others, I will be able to offer directions on how to solve problems and, in that case, provide leadership. I will also be more than willing to inspire and nurture the younger generation of leaders.

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