A geographic realm is the essential spatial element in the world regionalization system. Every realm is distinct in the provision of a combination of its whole human geography – a combination of its primary economic, political, cultural, historical and specific environmental features. It is the biggest rational region into which the whole world can be divided.

The East African realm covers the south of the Sahara desert. It is  inhabited by the black population, who lives in a low economic developed environment. It  has a rich linguistic variety, however English, Portuguese and French languages are still of important impact. The population of the sub-Saharan is tribal, who practices animistic gullible religion and some witchcraft (de Blij & Muller, 2010).  The East African realm is not prejudiced at the slightest by the two immense all taking on religions specifically Islam and Christianity.

Climate changes cause people to migrate to different regions thus develop economic and trading relationships with different people of different cultures (Norton, 2000). This interaction results in the merging of the cultures, since some people lose their culture by adopting the one they happen to abide in because of migration. Settlement patterns also change as people move.

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East Africa is one of those regions of the world, which provides the majority of natural resources such as   gold, potash, petroleum and copper. However, because of the slower economic development, the more successful European countries took over the African territories in the past. This control resulted in the forced colonization and thus slavery of the African people.. Enforced manual labor for mining natural resources caused suffering and made African population accountable to economic exploitation. The rank, advantage and assets of European colonial ruling were regularly observed and upheld   by the use of policies that desecrated the human rights of the in the colonized regions (de Blij & Muller 2002). Unfair policies subjected Africans in colonized countries and took away their lands, assets, religious and cultural identities, and even their lives.


Colonization of the East African territories resulted in political instability, economic backwardness and social mayhem (Oliver 1997). Exploitation of African people and resources by the colonial empires had left the lasting effects on African economies and societies still after the end of colonialism.

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