The setting up of a small video production can be a one simple and easy exercise. It will involve coming up with a proper plan and preparing a dynamic budget to get the estimates. The next step is to seek the services of a technical person who is well informed in the field of acoustics. This person will help erect the small video production office where all sought of video production and editing can be done (Steiff, 2005).

To begin with, the setting up of this video production company will be tied to a budget of £250.000 which will be used to some of the basic equipment to enable the start-up of the station. The whole setup shall be 2-TV production studios together with a post production system for editing of videos (John, 2007).

To achieve this objective, one fixed studio together with its control room will be erected and a provision made for a mobile one. They will all be based on High Definition cameras and videos in order to process and mix videos of high quality without any breakdown or inconveniencies.

Alongside these, there is also need to put up a post production edit system in another room within the same premises where all the videos produced shall be screened against the set standards of the market.

In the fixed studio there shall be 4 High Definition Video cameras with the controls to enable swift switching between cameras without interruption, a studio pedestal. There shall also include proper lighting and control mechanisms installed to ensure proper lamination intensity of the production room and high quality finished products that don’t have shadows on the background. There will also be need for microphones to be employed as sound capturing devices. Video mixers that are compatible with the HD cameras, a separate audio mixer that minimizes background noise and sound reflections from the studio walls, a talkback system for camera controllers and high definition recorders to test the already finished product ready for the market.

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For the mobile studio, there is need for 3x HD Video cameras, tripod stands for supporting the cameras during outdoor video production. Lights might also be needed for remote application and places where lighting is not enough. Microphones, HD video mixer that has the capability of previewing through its small monitor will also be needed. The HD Recorders/players shall be needed to test the quality of woks produced during outdoor video production. To ensure that control is achieved during video production, a talkback system shall also be included in this mobile studio.

For the post production section, an Apple Mac computer shall be used because of its stability and ability to process data at high speed. It is easily set-up and easy to use for video editing because it has many support features that foster positive response to video editing. It should have a processor with speeds of 4GHz, Pentium 4 with a RAM of 4GB and above. This will ensure that the types of videos produced are of high quality and faster processing of video production. The Softwares that can be used include Apple iMovie and After Effects CS5.5 for Mac. These two can be use interchangeably because both of them have advanced feature. The Apple iMovie is given free of charge when buys a new Mac system. There will also be a dire need to have an external hard-drive for archiving work and also performing system back-ups from time to ensure system down time is greatly minimized as much as possible (Tomlinson, 2005).

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