When in 1895 William G Morgan set out to establish a less rough indoor game in comparison to basketball, volleyball then referred to as Mignonette was born. The sheer essence was to create a more courteous game for the older YMCA players. This therefore indicated that the game needed more etiquette than other games that developed in a similar time span. Proper volleyball etiquette begins at the practice grounds. Over the years, the size of a volleyball pitch has changed from25 X 50 feet in 1895 to 30 X 60 feet in 1920. A good coach should instill good sportsmanship in his team without disregarding the respect for officials, teammates, opponents and volunteers. Volleyball, unlike tennis and handball from which it evolved from goes a step further to minimalize rough play during tournaments. Many volleyball calls are subjective; hence consistency in applying calls in practice reduces confusion and frustration during competitions.

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During warm-ups, all players and balls stay on the required side of the net. A loose ball going onto the other side of the net may find someone jumping and land on the ball. This issue has been continuously been addressed by raising the net height from 6 feet, 6 inches high in 1896 to use of a higher net in1957 to curb potential injury. Etiquette requires thanking the team who prevented a possible injury. The game has evolved over time to incorporate a designated captain who speaks to referees and solves any in-team or cross-team disagreements.

In 1912 a rule requiring the players to rotate counterclockwise to the net in order to shake hands with their opponents when the referee signals was introduced. Some teams might have small gifts to give to the other team. This was a leap forward on etiquette and a wide change from those practiced in handball. Respect must be accorded to referees, opponents and teammates during a set. Yelling at an opponent or the referee through the net is outlawed and is cause for the player to get warned or sent off. There have not only been changes in rules and protocol overtime but also widespread changes in etiquette.

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