Bill Gates is the second richest person in the world after Salim Carlos Helu. He was born in Washington; Settle state, to Williams H. Gates Senior and Mary Maxwell Gates in October 28th 1955. His current place of residence is Medina in Washington. At the age of thirteen he was enrolled at the exclusive lakeside preparatory school where he graduated in 1973 scoring high marks that allowed him to join Harvard College. It is in Harvard College where he met his friend Steve Ballmer currently the CEO of Microsoft (Aronson, 2009).

Mr. Gates is well reckoned for his interest in programming the new General Electric Computer bought for the school, for this reason he was excused from the math's class and allowed to pursue his interest in computer programming. He seized an opportunity and developed various systems including the one which games were played on the computer. At one point Gates and three other friends were banned after being found exploiting bugs in one of the computers belonging to Computer Center Corporation operating systems, so as to get more free time to access computer. This eventually earned them a favor to find bugs for the corporation in exchange of computer time. However, the company went out of business in 1977. Information Sciences International Corporation hired him and his three colleagues to develop a payroll system .They took up their new roles since they had passion in programming (Lesinski, 2008).

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Gates is also known for software system development that was later adopted in the entire society of America. Gates has since improved on his software system which is currently used all over the world. This has automatically increased American economic growth through its sales taxes. Other than being an entrepreneur, Bill Gates is also a philanthropist. He has shared a fraction of his wealth to Gates Foundation. Gates life is entirely inspirational. It is a clear truth to individual that they should pursue what their hearts desires and their parents or guardians should be supportive towards realization of their children dreams (Lockwood, 2007).

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