The case of the West Memphis Three involves three people, Damian Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley charged for the murder of three young boys. Charles Jason Baldwin, one of these alleged accomplices was given a life sentence as it was considered as a flawed investigatory procedure. Jason was picked out by the police prior to present a tangible proof connecting him to the case. The cruelty done to the three young ones was unbelievable. The West Memphis Police Department included Jackson in the suspects of the crime which was seen as a presumptuous move. First, Baldwin pled guilty to the three counts which termed this crime as first degree murder; however then he asserted that he was really innocent. Jason Baldwin resisted the claims that he was involved in the crime that led to the killing of the three young boys. He insisted that he could not plead guilty to something he did not actually do. Nowadays, the issues revolving around Baldwin and his sentence are highly questionable because there is no enough evidence to link him with the crime.

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Baldwin said that Echols was unfairly granted a death sentence too. In the real sense, this could not be termed as justice. Just like the other two, he was wrongly convicted because of leading different lifestyle from what was normally accepted in the society. Moreover, this was not evidence enough to prove him guilty of the offense. His character and lifestyle was used by the West Memphis Police Department just to rush the process and take innocent individuals responsible for crime that needed much attention and informed decisions. The decision made on Baldwin was characterized with a lot of prejudice and cruel injustice. Such was a nature of events that proved that police investigatory process was wrong.        

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