Cooking is the most interesting activity that anyone can be involved in. It entangles both the mind and body and gives us an amazing product in the end. However, we  find ourselves in a fast world, with many deadlines to meet, yet, we must eat at the end of the day. Every day brings demands, leaving for us less time to visit the kitchen and prepare a meal (Gisselin 57-65).  Most of the time, we want to finish other tasks opportunely and cooking becomes a luxury. This will tempt us to look for alternatives, such as professional cooks and eating in a restaurant, for example. However, none of these alternatives will give better benefits than those that can be found when we cook on our own.

Julia Child, a famous chef, hosted a number of shows in the media encouraging people to cook their own food. Many people will tell you that there is no chef with such great passion to cook. Her courage to keep trying new things, even after criticism and failures is something that makes other chefs admire her for. She went on air without editorial remarks and yet people wanted her to do more of her shows in the same way. The public of the 20th century demanded for her inspiration. Through several writings, many people were inspired to try new recipes in their own homes. She predicted well an era where people would fear cooking and trying out new things due to the protest of the nutritionists. We live in such an era. Even what can be enjoyed naturally has been brought under scrutiny. This has left many people resorting to professional cooks. We fear the unknown; we just do not want to cook.  Julia Child encouraged the people to get over with fear and rather enjoy cooking every type of meal that they possibly could find (Child 200-213). That is an era we must be inspired to emulate.

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People shoud always be ready to spare some time for cooking. Every American should try to rearrange their schedule so they are able to cook on their own . Paying no regard to such an activity is the loss of opportunity to grow our well-being. Cooking comes fully packed with benefits. One of the benefits is that cooking helps one get relaxed after a long day schedule. Taking on a different activity from the normal schedule helps you get over stress that may have come with it. One thing with cooking is that there are thousands and thousands of recipes to try (Child 200-213).

You may think you know all the ways of making a certain meal, but different recipes can prove thatyou are wrong. One might have ignored some ingredients, yet, their inclusion in the recipe will amaze you.  The other benefit of this activity is the ability to brace family relations. We grow up in a society where everybody is obligated to do several things in a day. Our families, therefore, have no chance to bond. Say for example, some members of the family rush to the grocery, others chop off the meat, some prepares the vegetables and others perfom other tasks. The overall result is a strong bond. At the end of the day, every person makes the contribution and they enjoyes the meal together.

Nothing can be so fulfilling as the moments spent together in a family. The other benefit is the ability to choose the kind of food one eats. If today I walked into a restaurant and ordered for a plate of vegetables, I may not be sure about how long they prepared it. I am not also sure how clean the vegetables are. There is a chance that I cannot even dictate how fresh the vegetables should be. However, I have a choice when I cook this same meal. My power to choose healthy, fresh and  well prepared redundant of vegetables is only exercised while I cook my own food. Another benefit that comes with cooking is the option of including the farm produce into one’s meal (Boutenko 45-47). This will help avoid wastage. Say for example, I had these vegetables within the farm. I can choose to make a salad for every meal, and in such a way I can avoid the wastage.

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Americans must cook despite the challenges that come with it. They must be ready to change the attitude on cooking and see the other side of the activity (Boutenko 45-47). Some arguments against cooking must be proven wrong, or better still, there must be a deliberate move to embrace cooking despite all that. Often, people will argue that they hire professional cooks because they will give them the best food in terms and of nutritional value. But the truth is, even though our food may be cooked by the professional, it may still be unhealthy. They want to present a plate that is full and presentable. They want to impress.  When you hire a professional for cooking of your meal, there is no faith that sush dish will be healty. It may be quite vice versa. We should take the opportunity and choose the healthy food, preparing it ourselves rather than leaving it in the hands of another person (Boutenko 45-47).  

Another issue is a visit to a grocery store. When you tell someone to cook, he/she imagine themselves rushing into a grocery stall, making  enquiries and later heading back home for another task.  They will do anything to minimize after work activities. However, really, what do they opt for; a snack or a frozen meal? Is this meal healthy? Certainly, it is not the best option. It would be more fulfilling if the person realized what they just missed out! A healthy meal, prepared with love and passion, and shared with a family or a friend is the best option for this person. The grocery shopping can be done once in a week, and it can be enjoyable too.  A third aspect is transportation. We are always complaining of how we cannot stand traffic jams. So when we think about transporting purchases from one place to the other, we will do all we can to evade this.

However, the question will be for how long?  We cannot use this as an excuse. Transportation can be done easier if we would adjust our schedules. If one can afford transporting the office equipment or accessories, he or she can also afford transporting the food products Another factor is the kitchen. What kitchen I will have after cooking? Well, it depends on the way you look at it. Many people will say that cooking leaves their kitchen dirty and messed up. But I would argue that this does not have to be the case.  A good cook must keep cleanness. When you will grow fond of what you do, you will change the attitude. After all, the result is embodied in life. Still, I would rather hire someone to clean up my kitchen rather than miss the fun of cooking and eating from my own kitchen.    


Chefs all over the world will tell you that one must learn how to love cooking. You cannot cook repeatedly, trying different recipes unless you love it. Cooking should be a passion and not an activity that must be carried by all means.  Therefore, it is very vital to look for every possible  way of making cooking interesting. We cook because we want to have fun and at the end of the day, our stomachs full. Therefore, Americans must adopt cooking culture and let every child grow up with love  to the art of cooking.  There should be a great interest coming from each of us int cooking and bringing influence in our households. Only then, shall Americans better their lives and get ushered into  a new era.

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