Yoga help one attain spiritual, physical and mental discipline. Everyone has life goals which he/she wishes to achieve in a given span of time. I also have such life goals, and I am trying to realize them by the use of Yoga. My first goal is that of achieving financial freedom. I am practicing meditation at least five times in a week. This way, I am able to reflect on my financial decisions and adjust them accordingly. My second goal that I am pursuing is the attainment of a healthy body. I am aiming at achieving a considerable weight loss by the end of the year. Therefore, I am attending Yoga exercise regularly in the hope of achieving this goal. The third goal on my list is to influence and make a positive impact in other people’s lives. I am meditating every day on ways in which I can better the lives of other people. I am also making prayers for them during Yoga.

The fourth goal that I am pursuing is the achievement of a better lifestyle. I am working on making my life less stressful. I am learning to achieve rhythmical breathing during Yoga practice. This way, I am managing to ease myself from both physical and mental tension. Fifth on the list of my goals is to engage in more business activities. Since I am afraid to take risks, I am trying to engage in deep meditation and see life in a different perspective. This way, I am hoping to gain the necessary courage. The sixth goal that I have is to be a famous rugby player. Therefore, I am engaging in daily Yoga exercise in order to acquire more strength. I am also aiming at strengthening my relationship with God as my seventh goal. Therefore, I am engaging in prayer during Yoga in a bid to communicate with God. The goal that is eighth on my list is to find a job as soon as possible. For this, I am keeping healthy engaging in daily exercise in order to pass in the interviews that I shall be subjected to. My last goal is to be a model in the near future. I am engaging in daily exercise to keep my body fit for the job.

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I have goals which I have expressed using the four language techniques. For example, I am enthusiastically applying for five jobs at the same time. I am basing my applications on business firms only. I am hoping that I will get one of jobs by the end of two months. I am applying for them using letters and on the internet as well. I am joyfully and hopingly applying together with my three other friends and waiting for the feedback. As a result of this goal, I am engaging in daily meditation of how I would love to work for the firms. I am easily engaging in regular exercise and happily waiting to see my goals coming true.

I am also aiming to be a marvelous rugby player. I am finding my goals so helpful to me in terms of working towards my goals. I am engaging in daily meditation and exercise. I am playfully imagining myself pushing between bodies with the rugby ball in my hands. I am sentimentally picturing a crowd cheering at me due to my esteemed success in rugby. I am especially focusing on the strengthening of my abdominal muscles and back muscles. This way, I am hoping to achieve outstanding success in that particular field (Sparrowe 47).


I have many goals in my life as indicated in the essay above. The statement of these goals and the daily deeds that I engage in order to achieve them will help in achieving them soonest possible. Therefore, Yoga is beneficial for the realization of my goals.

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