A symphony is a composition of music in the Western classical music that is usually meant for orchestra. The symphony concert attended on video was the San Francisco symphony. They were thrilling with the ‘Bluebeard’s Castle’. It occurred on the 22nd of June On this Saturday night, San Francisco symphony was having its second theoretical project for the orchestra’s centennial season.

There was a world class orchestra that plays almost every night. Merchant began the show with one of her pieces; ‘In the land of nod’. This piece had originally been recorded with its own orchestra. Therefore, it was a tremendous surprise for fans. The potency of merchant and the acoustics of Davies symphony hall meant that she could fill the room with ease. This suggests that she required no amplification.

The selection of her second solo, Ophelia, was perfect. This is because it changed and transformed the song from its original sound. It was a beautiful piece of folk soft rock with perfect composition. Merchant was able to pull a stunning performance since she was backed by San Francisco, a world class orchestra. The first song that was chosen was ‘Gold rush brides’ (Dolan 37). Aaron Copland truly made a sensational composition when he wrote this song. This was an excellent choice from the merchant, and it fully utilized the San Francisco orchestra.

Merchant returned after a brief intermission with a considerably smaller portion of the band between her. This included strings, two wind players, guitarist and her pianist. The orchestral set went on, and she ended it with a jazzy on the solo, ‘The worst thing’. The sound of Steve’s instrument was so energetic and powerful. This really entertained the crowd. Credit has to be given to the man on the guitar and piano. They were just magnificent.

Opera is an art form whereby musicians combine text and musical score in a dramatic show. It incorporates acting costumes and scenery. One attended Karita Marttila’s concert on 11th December 2011. She performed ‘Four dream songs by Aulis Sallinen. This is one of composers that she adores. The work has a rich and captivating storyline. Therefore, it prompted Karita to adopt it for her performance.

In the composition of the third song, ‘Three dreams’, there is a pregnant woman. The woman has a baby boy in him. However, there is something that is peculiar with this child. He understands things that cannot be understood by others. The mother of the kid has certain dreams in her live. Right in the womb, the child identifies dreams of his mother. He discovers that he has to be born and die to realize the mother’s dream. The mother of the child has problems that are facing her. Some of these problems are so severe that she reaches a point of disillusionment (Riley 45). She loses her hopes and feels like she just wants to die. It is at such times when the child that she is carrying acts as an inspiration. When she remembers her child, she acquires the necessary strength to live on.This woman also has dreams of herself and her baby. This also helps to keep her going and strengthens her to go on living. The child is able to know these dreams while in the womb. This is because it is an extraordinary child which has a distinct connection with its mother. However, the story ends on a sad note. According to the child’s view, he has to be born first. After being born, the child has to die in order to realize the mother’s dream. This is a sad ending for a decent storyline.

Jazz is a musical style that originated from the blacks. It specifically originated from the South America. It is mostly a favorite of blacks, although it has been adopted by other races overtime. I attended the Jazz concert at YubaCollege the 30th of April. As a result of the fame of the band, the house was nearly full. Fred Rogers and Mike Tomato performed the first song, ‘Won’t you be my neighbor’ from Mister Rogers. During this song, there were two solos that were performed. These included trombone and saxophone. Throughout this song, the musical instruments present were done quite well. The drums were perfectly done such that the people in the crowd could be seen tapping their feet. This is because the rhythm of the drums was quite enticing. This decidedly carried away the crowd. There was an absolute brilliance in how the bass notes and guitar riffs were able to work together and combine perfectly.

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Black was the order of the day. This is because most musicians wore black suits and dresses. Military uniforms were only worn by two people. Therefore, they looked remarkably professional. Artists came from all over the world. Therefore, the hybrid was an extremely unique, talented and diverse jazz band.  They looked so comfortable, and this was the atmosphere that they created on the crowd.

The second song was the ‘Blues cruise’ by Jim Catelli. This game is introduced by the piano, guitar and drums. Trombones were exceedingly sharp. Trumpets were also exceptionally well heard, and they flowed well with trombones.  This is because both of them were at full volume. Proctor hit all the right notes with the trumpet and did a remarkable job. The quality of jazz music delivered that day quite satisfied the crowd. They felt like they were part of the band and this entertained them.

Blanton Art Museum is a museum under The University of Texas at Austin. It is one of the largest university museums in the United States. It has over 17,000 works of art to be viewed. Some of those works are appealing, while some do not appeal to the eye. One particularly identified two works, which brought out the contrast.The first work of art that was pointed out was the Paolo Gerolamo Piola of Egypt. One found this work of art to be appealing to the eye. What I liked most about this art is the fact that it was ancient. It represented a period in the past since it does not have modern cultures and structures. This work is worth remaining in the museum. The images exist there in an appealing color. This color shows that it is ancient and creates a rough idea of the environment during those particular times (Colvin 200). There is also a lot of creativity in the manner in which the image is painted. People, trees, horses, hills and rocks have been incorporated in a small painting. This has been done in a surprising way that brings out an attractive image.The other art work that caught my eye was the ‘Stacked waters’ by Teresita Fernando. One may not like this image because its modernity. A painting or picture in the museum should not be so recent, in my view. The painting was not also rich in culture. It only brings on people who do not display any form of cultural practices. For this reason, one may not like the painting as much as the above mentioned. However, it is also a beautiful image. The only thing one might dislike is the place where it had been located. One might feel that such a painting should not be in a museum.

This essay is on a superb performing group called Linkin Park. Originating from Agoura hills, California, this is an American rock band. The group was formed in 1996, and their album, ‘Hybrid Theory’ saw them rise to international fame. This was its debut album. The release of the second album, Meteora, saw them continuing to rise to fame. MTV2 named LinkinPark as the sixth-greatest band of the music video. In the new millennium, it was named third best after Cold play and Oasis. In the Best artists of the decade chart, Billboard named LinkinPark as 19th. In their songs, they adopt nu-metal and rap rock. This is mainly seen in their first two albums.

The founding of the group occurred as a result of three high school friends. These included Rob Bourdon, Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson. When they had graduated from high school, they took their musical career more seriously. They started recruiting other members to the group. These included people like Mark Wakefield, Joe Hahn and Dave. Members had disagreements from time to time. This was because of their youth. Some of recruited members dropped out. However, the group moved on and replaced the dropped out members. They began consulting with each other wherever there was ambiguity. This helped in supporting their rise to fame and success.

The band has risen to considerable success to date. They have won two Grammy awards and are hoping for more. Whenever they have a new album, they sell millions of copies. This is according to statistics. Their fans have grown in number, as well as their fame. For this reason, they are turning out to be one of the most successful rock bands, as well as musical groups (Colvin 200). They are an inspiration to all upcoming musicians. They show them that everything is possible.


Music is a vital aspect in the life of a human being. It is food for the soul. Therefore, people should attend more musical sessions to have a better understanding of it. It is unusually wide and cannot be totally exhausted. Therefore, people with passion for it should pursue it with all the seriousness in order to improve its quality.

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