It is almost impossible to be effective in the workplace without possessing Bachelor’s degree in the current world. In most of the places where I have worked, peers look at one skeptically if that person fails to have a Bachelor’s degree. As a result, the confidence level of an individual is cast down due to multiple doubts expressed by peers. The lack of a degree also limits the scope of work that one is trusted with in the work place. I, therefore, took the initiative of getting this degree in order to overcome the perception I am given in the work place.

 What is very important is that the completion of the degree will boost the scope of roles I will be trusted with at work. The degree will also allow my bosses to believe in my ability and thus delegate taxing tasks to me. More than this, it will increase my confidence in the work place as I will now fit and function as a fully qualified worker. The BIS degree will also help me in the acquisition of many new skills. This will aid in me becoming more inventive and initiative in the work place. It will also help me to get new ideas that I could use to create new initiatives even outside the workplace. In addition, BIS degree will give me the possibility to apply for jobs that I am not qualified enough to apply for at the very moment. The degree acts as an opener for the dream jobs that I have always desired.

This degree opens an avenue for me to further my studies. After the completion of the program and receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I would like to continue improving myself and keep studying in order to obtain my Masters’ degree. The BIS Bachelor’s degree will serve as my qualifying factor when I enroll in for the Masters’ degree. Master’s degree, in turn, will open the doors for me to be awarded with Doctor’s degree, which has always been my dream. The BIS degree is, therefore, essential for me as it serves as a door opener for my career advancement.

The Most Recent Challenge

Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is the most recent book I have read that has challenged me to reassess how I approach things in my life. Each habit has many challenging levels to work through and master. Working to incorporate these habits into my daily life has brought about significant and very positive change. The book incorporates into it high levels of wisdom and it has acted to show me how to be effective as I tackle my everyday life. Some of the fundamental habits that are emphasized in the book include teamwork; therefore, I am working on myself daily to be an effective team player. This includes developing my personality so that I could have effective social skills and become more successful. I am also able to practice subordination to the team leaders and acquire qualities of leadership too.

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The other habit that is emphasized in the book is self-renewal. I am constantly working on myself to be able to acquire wisdom that I could apply in my work place. This book gives some pieces of advice concerning the steps that I need to take to renew myself. These include clearing up my mind to let go of all the negative beliefs. It also takes me through the process of renewing my attitude since it is very important to embrace a positive attitude towards life. Other habits that I should constantly work on, as emphasized in the book, include mutual benefit and being proactive. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey has taught me that everything good that I do to others or to the society serves to do good to me. This made me control my thoughts and actions more in order to ensure that I do good and give back to the society. The proactivity aspect has taught me to be down to business in a positive aspect.

Appealing Non-Professional Activities

The non-professional activity that I find most satisfying, meaningful, and inspirational is traveling to foreign lands. I enjoy learning the culture, customs, and foods of other countries. What I find most intriguing is how generous people can be even when they just survive on meager resources. They share that little they can spare. This sense of generosity is totally absent in the Western world. People in the Western world tend to hold on to what they have even though it is surplus. People of other nations express so much care and love both to their own people and to strangers. My foreign land travel experiences have mainly been to India, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. In all my experiences, I am always welcomed into homes in economically depraved areas. The incredible thing is that even though I go as a complete stranger, they treat me as if I were a lost relative. I find it very inspirational that families with very little remain happy and share what they have got freely. They could be bitter and tainted by seeing all the materialism in the world but they are not.

More than this, I am able to learn all the different values that are held by different communities. It has sometimes resulted in culture shock since some of the practices that they have are remarkably different from the ones in the Western culture. It has taught me to accept these values and to be receptive of people from all areas. More than this, I have been able to enjoy the most different facilities from various regions. These include the infrastructure, which is different in different countries. Every travelling experience leaves me as a more educated person. There is always a new skill or quality acquired from travelling to different regions. More than this, I have increased my span of friends and contacts, which could be very helpful in my future.

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