As the dependence on technology keeps on expanding in offices, the function of the organization professional has significantly evolve. Organization mechanization and organizational reorganization have led administrative assistants to more and more assume tasks once set aside for management and specialized staff (Wauson et al, 2008). Administrative assistants have come to be more specialized.

Administrative assistants have experienced great modification in their responsibilities as they adopt functions formerly the preserve of senior executives such as report writing, composing correspondence and writing of spreadsheets among others. As administrators have taken up some of the responsibilities formerly performed by the administrative assistant, administrative assistants are freer to be further occupied in offering support to higher management (Wauson et al, 2008). Many administrative assistants offer instruction and orientation for fresh staff, carry out research on the Internet, and manage and troubleshoot the latest office equipment in addition to the supervision of low-ranking staff.

So as to take advantage of these transformations in the trade the administrative assistant has to take measures in order to have all the requisites that are increasingly being demanded of them. An administrative assistant must have knowledge of the various technological equipments such as computer proficiency, spreadsheets, teleconferencing skills, and managing of databases. Promotion in the field only comes to those people who advance their knowledge of the company's activities as they are able to better assist senior management in the management of the firm (Wauson et al, 2008)

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Educational advancement through the acquisition of professional certifications such as Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) and specialized certifications such as Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS) are important in career advancement and mobility.

Effectual telephone propriety is indispensable to offer a positive impression of a business. A pleasant voice lets the caller recognize that they are esteemed. An administrative assistant ought to reply to the phone without delay. Letting the phone ring for too long provides the notion of incompetence or not valuing clients. An agreeable voice and outlook are essential in responding to a call. Courteousness is of like significance and per se appropriate language and salutation should be presented to a caller or when calling, in order to make a favorable impression (Morgan, 2009). Of paramount magnitude is active attention to the caller and speedy answers to client queries. An administrative assistant ought to never anticipate or presume what a caller is saying in to avoid miscommunication. In cases when you are not able to receive calls activate your voice mail and return call as soon as possible.

Presentations proficiency is incredibly valuable in many facets of work and life. Effectual presentation skills are essential in business. An administrative assistant ought to be familiar with how to put together presentations which are appropriate for the diverse situations provided. A good presentation requires confidence which can only be acquired by preparation. An effective presentation usually engages the audience through rhetoric questions and related anecdotes. A successful presentation must have props such as visual aids supporting facts, statistics and book recommendations (Morgan, 2009). It is important that a presentation be organized into its various subject matter and topics. Of utmost importance is the speaker being conversant with subject matter.

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