Communication has been an evolving process with developments and inventions being made everyday. New means and modes of communications have are being developed day in day out. As a result telecommunication have been made easier making world a global village where you can communicate with anybody across the world within short time and anytime that you wish. However, designing and manufacturing, and installation of telecommunication facilities and equipments are some of the things that make me feel happy and even develop more interest in telecommunication. I used to think and ask myself how basic circuits were designed to strategic mass communication. When I asked my parents field under which the process through which telecommunication basic circuits were designed to strategic mass communication falls, the told me that the were under telecommunication engineering. It was right from there that I started to admire and develop interest in telecommunication engineering. Therefore, this paper is aimed at analyzing reasons as to why I chose to become a telecommunication engineer.

Telecommunications engineering also referred to as telecom engineering is a major field within electronic engineering. This work varies from basic circuit design to strategic mass development. A telecommunication engineer is accountable for designing and managing the installation of telecommunication facilities and equipments like multifaceted electronic switching system, fiber optics and copper telephone facilities (Bakshi, 213). Telecommunication is also related heavily with broadcast engineering. Telecommunication is a miscellaneous field of engineering including electronics, electrical, structural and civil engineering as well as being a political and social ambassador, a little bit of accounting and a lot of project management. Eventually, telecommunication engineers are accountable for offering the technique that clients can obtain telephone and high speed data service.

According to Vaidyanathan (88), telecommunication engineers apply a diversity of various equipments and transport media available from a multitude of producers to design telecommunication network infrastructure. Copper, fiber, radio and coaxial cable are the most ordinary media, usually known as plant in the telecommunication industry, that are used by telecommunications companies today. Just like most engineers, telecommunication engineers are usually expected to offer the best solution possible for the lowest cost to the company (Vaidyanathan, 96). This usually results to creative solutions to problems that usually would have been planned differently without the budget constraint dictated by modern society. Massive amounts of cable were placed that were never applied in the earlier days of telecommunication industry or have been substituted by modern technology like digital multiplexing techniques and fiber optic cables.

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Telecommunication engineers are also accountable for keeping the record of the companies, facilities and equipment and facilities and conveying suitable accounting codes for purposes of taxes and maintenance. Telecom engineer is not only an engineer but an accounting assistance or bookkeeper and project manager as well as accountable for budgeting and supervising projects and keeping projects and keeping records (Vaidyanathan, 122).             

My interest in telecommunication engineering started long time ago when telephone was first installed in our house. I used to spend a lot of time staring at it and how it was designed. I used to ask my parents many questions regarding how it functioned and what facilitated its function. Furthermore, I used to see people who install telecommunication gadgets (telecommunication engineers) all over the town either doing wiring or installation (Deb, 177). I also become eager to be just like them, hence one day I asked my father who those people were and told me that thy were telecommunication engineers. He also told me that telecommunication engineering was one of the jobs that were readily available and well paid. This increased my eagerness to become a telecommunication engineer.

Another factor that made me to develop great interest in joining telecommunication engineering was my dream of connecting people all over the world. Since I was young, I used to here that many people including us had their family members or relatives in many different parts of the world. Hence I started to think on how these people can be connected to the extent that they can easily interact and communicate. With few means, facilities and equipments of communication being available, I started to thing how adequate and high quality communication facilities and equipments can be developed. I started to put more efforts in my studies as I undertake numerous experiments regarding telecommunication engineering so that I can be able to attain my ambitions (Deb, 301).

Therefore, after graduating from high school I didn't want to rush to university but instead I went to technical institute in my home country and studied telecom and the reason behind it, I wanted the short way to have hands on experience on very expensive machines that enables me to learn the whereabouts of such technology (Duuren, 340). After working in a telecom company and understood the mechanism of most of the machines I thought of advancing my knowledge to the details of the science and I couldn't find a better place to do so than USA where it's internationally known for the standards of technology and here I am enjoying the learning experience at Drexel University.

It was while still in the technical institute when I recognized that the demand for engineers is very high in USA and globally and that the pay rate is decent for such important degree. Putting this into consideration, I became even more determined and eager to join telecommunication engineering. I usually stay close to people with same interest or experts in telecommunication engineering. Therefore it is my great desire and hope that I will pursue my career and objective successfully so that I can be in a good position to design and install high quality communication facilities and infrastructures.

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