In this situation, this lady is my friend and she needs to get a job. Getting a job by this lady requires that I write a reference letter that is stunning so that whoever it lands to finds a good reason to give this lady a job. I have known her in the current job place and I am aware that her conduct is not good in relation to work. With her current behavior she cannot get a job any where since even in her current job place she has been passed by promotions. She is my friend and I will be very happy if she gets a job and work away from me since she has made my job so difficult.

Being the person she prefers write her the reference letter and considering the above, I need to be honest in the reference letter but still very persuasive so that she can get the job since she is my friend. Below is a draft of a hypothetical letter of reference for this

To whom it may concern

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I here by recommend xxxxx for a position in your esteemed institution. Xxxxx has been our employee in immunology which is my department for the last five years. She is friendly, convincing and has been an asset to the institution. She has excellent verbal and written communication skills and given motivation she can work very well.

During the time she worked with us, she served as a laboratory technologist in this department. Her responsibilities included collecting patient's blood, running various serological tests such as ELISAs and various rapid tests, analyzing the results, recording of the results and dispatching the results to various designations. Though she often come late and leaves early leading her to do minimal work, she is excellent in her profession and I do not hesitate recommending her to your organization.

Xxxxx has always been willing to work whenever she is available and she has had a good rapport with many of the staff members and other employees in the facility. She will definitely be an asset to your organization and her for any opening in your organization and any endeavor she feels she can pursue.

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