Am a teachers assistant and my work involves providing instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers. This allows other teachers more time for lesson planning and teaching. As a teacher's assistant, I support and assist children in learning class material using the teacher's lesson plans, I also provide students with individualized attention. I also get involved in supervising students in the cafeteria, hallways, field trips and school yards. I record grades, set equipments and help prepare materials for instruction. As a teacher's assistant, I am sometimes called a teacher aide or instructional aide.

In addition, as a teacher's assistant I grade tests and papers, check homework, keep health and attendance records, type and file materials. I can also get involved in stock supplies, operating audiovisual equipment and keep classroom equipment in order.  

Education and training

To become employed as a teacher's aide, one needs to have a high school diploma unless if they wish to work in a specialized classroom will they then need extra classes. In 2001, a No Child Left Behind Act was passed and recommends that any teacher who wish to work in Title 1 School for low income families have to complete a two-year degree or pass a paraprofessional exam. They also ought to pass a criminal background to enable the aide to work with children.

Work conditions

As a teacher assistant, we work in a variety of settings. This includes preschools, child care centers, religious and community centers where we work with young adults. We can also work outdoors, supervise recess if the weather allows. We can spend our time standing, walking or kneeling but we usually spend our day sitting especially when working with students.    


The median teacher's assistant in the US in approximately was $21,000. The middle 50 percent of the teachers earn between $17,610 and $28,180. Due to salary differences, the highest 10 percent earns about $33,980 while the lowest 10 percent earned less than $15,340. For full time teachers' assistants, they receive other benefits from the health coverage. However, for teachers who work part time, they miss on these benefits. Most of us are members of unions or are covered by a union contract. Many of us are members of the American federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. They bargain for us wages, hours of work and the terms of employment.

Advantages of being a Teacher's assistant

Being a teacher's assistant has many advantages. Apart from paying one's way through school, it can also set one with a crucial experience in this increasingly competitive economy. Thus securing another job after working as an assistant teacher is usually easier. This is because teacher's assistants usually work closely with professors. These advantageous connections with not only professors but also other teachers' assistants' one works with will go a long way to become cornerstones in business as well as in academic.  

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Negative aspects of being a teacher's assistant

Dealing with kids is no easy job especially for starters. It needs a kind and knowledgeable person who is also strong in dealing with emergency situations. 

Positive aspects of my previous experience as a teacher's assistant 

I am a person who enjoys working with children in the educational setting. Being able to contribute to the success of students as well as participating in school related activities thereby improving the quality of educational is one of those rewarding experiences that I really enjoy. Unlike professional teachers, I enjoyed most my somewhat flexible hours with holidays and weekends off. As an assistant teacher, I enjoyed the perks; earning $15 per hour. I was also eligible for bonuses and other benefits like health care cover.

As an assistant teacher, I had the opportunity to develop my skills in the preceding sections and insert them on my curriculum vitae. This helped me a lot and I have high hope of securing my next job. I have also developed a deeper understanding of the information included in the course. Through my work, I have developed strong APA and MLA style of writing.

Negative aspects of my previous experience as a teacher's assistant 

Although I enjoy my holidays and weekend offs sometimes I was compelled to help out with extra-curricular activities and during exams during which teachers needed additional support. I could be having my own schedule after job only to be called for some extra hours wherever needed. This really used to inconvenience me a lot. We were not paid as professional teachers and there was this perception that we are basically low-paid teachers. This made some of the professional teachers look down upon us.  

I could want my ideal work place be free from discrimination no matter what one's educational background or salary. I also enjoy the fact that I am able to enjoy my holidays and weekend offs. I feel relieved when I can take a day or two days off and do my own stuff. I also love catching up with technology like facebooking and connecting with long lost friends during the weekend, I therefore thoroughly enjoy my weekends off. As I aspire to go for further studies, I know I will continue with my work as a good number of teachers' assistant work part time. Although ideal, the environment of working as a teacher's assistant differs from the ideal job in that I cannot expect a really big income from this job for a good upkeep as the economy continues to falter.

My motivation

My motivation for excellence has always been dealing with children and providing them with opportunities to learn. Contributing to the success of these children and improving their education quality has been a rewarding way for me to make a living.

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