Since the employee had previously been warned by the organization concerning the same act of putting his/her duties aside and sleeping during working hours; the situation will be considered as a gross misconduct. According to paragraph 7 of the Code of Practice which urges that employees be made aware of the likely consequences in case they happen to break the rules and, in particular, employees must be provided with a clear indication of the type of conduct that may warrant summery dismissal (Mancini, 2003).

An employee should not always be dismissed for a first breach of discipline. In this case it is important that the employee be given the opportunity to provide the reason as to why she/he sleeps during working hours. The employee can therefore be taken aside by his employer and be warned for the last time, in no uncertain terms, that, unless the employee improves his conduct, he is likely to be dismissed. A great deal will depend on the circumstances. Just how long an employer is likely to tolerate such conduct will depend on the circumstances and the likely damage to the business organization (Mancini, 2003).

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In the second case of a male employee telling sexist jokes to female employee; this can be considered as a case of sexual harassment in the workplace. There are different forms of sexually harassing conduct, which include verbal, non-verbal, visual, and physical. Particularly, in this it can be categorized as a verbal harassment which is against the policies at workplace and is considered unwelcoming depending on the severity and pervasiveness of the conduct. The employee has been reported on several occasions when telling sexist jokes and this against the guiding principles of the company and therefore the person must be reprimanded for a similar behavior on earlier occasions and subsequently is likely to lead to his dismissal since the behavior may discourage female from working within the organization (Fitzgerald, et al. 1997)

In the third and the last case, it is vital to carry out a thorough investigation and after carrying out an investigation and noting that there is some sort of dishonesty in workplace. As an employer, I will ensure that the company does not lose its money as a result of theft by employees by setting a security unit where there are monitoring devices that will monitor all the working area. In doing so the security personnel are likely to lose their job since they are dishonest (Bottom, 1998).

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