My description for the worst job I have ever had was when I was employed by a certain lady to sell refurbished mobile phones from her stall located in a certain developing urban centre. My employer was a friend to my mum who used to reside in different town from where her business premise was located. This meant that we only met over the weekends for a couple of hours; which was obviously inadequate time for an effective meeting.

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I hated my job as a salesman, because I was never paid in time, my employer was always irrational in her decisions, she took long to react to customers requests, and many customers were therefore unhappy. She was only willing to talk to me when the sales were increasing; no matter how small, and when I called her to inform her that I had deposited cash in her bank account. A clear picture is that she was only interested in the end result which was returns from the sales of the mobile phones. She did not care about the problems that I was facing before selling even a piece of her merchandise. All these experiences forced me to develop a negative attitude towards my job.

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