Restructing Jobs

Restruting jobs is one of the various reinforcement strategies have particularly proved to be very successful in booting the motivation of worker when applied to team members organizations at a work place by the management. Restructing of job is a mean of reorganizing employees in teams or teams of employees to ensure that they are motivated to work (Deshpande, 2009).

It can be done across jobs in various ways such as varying their financial packages given to employee, enhancing increasing responsibility and opportunity for self-control to. The management can realize improved efficiency through increase employee motivation with out incurring a great increase in cost.

According to Wylie(2008) the management can reduce employee by lying of a number of its stuff so that that those who remain with the company are not affected by economic changes and are motivated further to provide their services. Some companies try to deal with changes in economic sphere by reducing or reviewing salaries across the board. This certainly may motivate those teams of employees that were on the verged of being laid of to feel valued and thus develop loyalty to the organisation.

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Redesigning jobs at the work place can improve the work environment enhance the challenges the come with a change in responsibility and make work more interesting to teams. Certainly, new intrigues may be enticing and thus motivate the employee to perform better. Employees like new challenges which make them develop their careers (, 2007). Being exposed to the same kind or routine for a long time can make work boring and gnaw away the little motivation that employees did have. As the motivation diminishes it takes the efficiency and productivity of the worker with it. However, spicing things a little can ensure that their motivation is maintained (Auer, 2006).

In sum, restructing jobs can be a very productive strategy of motivating employees to reinforce the organizations policies and realizes its objectives without having to incurring exorbitant cost. The management can also benefit from an enhanced method of filling up new positions or those that fall vacant through promotions.

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