The Theory of Work Adjustment illustrates the liaison of the individual to his work environment. In this context, the individual including his skills, personal structure and aptitudes relate directly with the work environment by making it possible for him to undertake particular tasks successfully (Dale & David, 1973). The work is, conceptualized generally as the relations between the work environment and the individual. Without the individual, the work cannot progress because the human effort if of the essence in delivering the task assigned to a particular individual (Katrina & Dianne, 2004). The general work environment demands that certain roles be, performed successfully and the individual precisely brings skills to the work environment in performing the tasks. In exchange, the respective individual requires considerable compensation for any level of work performance for him to perform the task willingly and with zeal to complete the tasks (James & Lloyd, 1987).

Conversely, the individual also requires certain conditions preferred at the work place for instance comfortable and safe place to work for the smooth running of the work environment (Dale & David, 1973). Without such provisions, the individuals fail to deliver adequately and, therefore, could lead to failure of the task routine. The individual and the environment must continue meeting each other's requirements subsequently for the interaction to be properly, maintained with minimal or no challenges. The relative degree to which the demands of both individual and work environment is, called correspondence. The higher the correspondences level the higher probability of a complete task (Elizabeth & Goldman, 1993).

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On the other hand, work adjustment is the general process of maintaining and achieving correspondence between the two parties. Work adjustment comes to be with the satisfaction of the respective individual with the prevailing work environment, and by the contentment of the work environment with the relative individual (James & Lloyd, 1987). Satisfactoriness and Satisfaction result in tenure, the chief indicator of general work adjustment. Tenure is predicted from the of an individual's work personality correspondence with the work environment meaning that it is never realized unless the two have a common ground of understanding (Katrina & Dianne, 2004). Work environments and personalities can be, described in terms of style variables and structure that are measured on similar dimensions (Elizabeth & Goldman, 1993).

My best work environments are an accountant having held skills in various accounting courses. In this environment, I would expect to have access to various resources including record books, computer and other resources relevant for the work. Silence is also of value for my work environment with much work having tight deadlines to meet and much involving. The correspondence level of my work environment is low with many challenges overcoming the suitable correspondence. The work environment is delightful having exceptional skills in accounting and an interest in handling accounts but there are other personality requirements lacking. The work environment does not provide a suitable cool and quiet environment, which I personally require and feel comfortable in working in. There are extremely many interruptions because the work environment has mixed office works with a call center, operating right in the same room.

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