Cunningham (2001) defines organizational values as the acceptable standards that strongly influence the behavior of individuals in any organization. Absence of organizational values will allow individuals to engage in behaviors according to their own value systems (Cunningham, 2001). This is because individuals have varied ways of addressing a situation. It can be easier to recognize the behavior of individuals in smaller organizations than the behavior of individuals in larger organizations. It is necessary for the organizational values to be in line with the mission or purpose, and the vision that an organization is trying to accomplish (Cunningham, 2001). The main purpose of any organization is to bring a group of people together to accomplish a common goal. This paper will consider the impact of organizational values on nurse engagement and patient outcome, and the use of effective communication techniques.

Nursing is a crucial component of health care, and currently, there are about two million nurses within medical institutions (Nadzam, 2009). Medical professionals especially nurses encounter various challenges in a daily basis. Proper integration of beliefs into nursing practice is among the daily challenges. It is necessary for nurses to make professional and ethical decisions as part of their nursing profession (Edwards, 2009). Nurses have acquired knowledge and skills to understand the values of their medical organization. Like other professions and organizations, nurses must follow codes of ethics (Edwards, 2009). The medical, organizational values should be concerned with proper medical attention and commitment because the patient needs are ever growing (Cunningham, 2001). However, some nurses struggle with the aim of providing and delivering high quality patient care.  

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In the aspect of organizational values, one major problem would include the difficulty in accommodating the personal and nursing beliefs of an individual (Cunningham, 2001). It is hard to avoid the conflict between professionalism and personality, which may bring about struggle for some individuals. For example, it is a duty of a nurse to provide constant, patient care by giving medication and witnessing the impacts of the medication to patients. In some cases, patients are not willing to take drugs because of various reasons such as feeling nausea, but it is the responsibility of a nurse to ensure that patients have ingested drugs as prescribed. Therefore, by following organizational values, nurses will ensure positive patient outcomes with reduced medical expenses (Cunningham, 2001). 

Another crucial requirement in the nursing profession is effective communication. Nurses should communicate effectively with patients in order to monitor their improvements in an accurate manner. According to Nadzam (2009), nurses create fiduciary relationships through proper communication, thereby enabling them to be effective problem solvers. Patients can only disclose their problems when they are aware that the caregivers cannot expose anything to the public (Edwards, 2009). Nurses meet a variety of patients with different characteristics, which make it necessary for a nurse to develop effective communication in order to solve the problems of every patient effectively. Through effective communication, a nurse can be able acquire information from those patients with sensitive conditions, especially terminal infections (Nadzam, 2009).  

Nursing is a challenging profession because it forces medical professionals to understand and follow all ethics in the profession (Edwards, 2009). Nurses must commit themselves in taking care of patients, which is their entire job. They experience unpleasant realities of life in a daily basis, such as dying patients. However, the profession of nursing like other professions has its unique rewards. Daily conversations with people, sharing faith, and giving the patients hope revitalize nurses as well as the patients. A nurse feels privileged in the profession because of making a difference in the lives of other individuals.  

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