The chores on a farm are never done! It is a true verdict s responsibilities in a farm are always never ending. There are lots chores in farms that need personalized attention and upmost sincerity. These responsibilities are again subject to change as per changing seasons. Every seaso adds new adventurous tasks to the chores of farms and thus are equally exciting and tiresome.

Chores in Different Seasons

In spring, the farm is added by lots of chores. These chores are inclusive of tasks like, feeding all the newborn pets. Taking care of calves, baby pigs and lambs engages the whole day long routines. All the animals in the herd demand for additional food, followed by proper and above all protection from infections led by cold and the wet weather. Training the young animals during spring is very important and need lots of expertise and energy. Preparing the young horses to pull wagons, working in the harness and fields is very time consuming. Planting is a core chore to be performed during spring in the farm.  Planting of corns, oats, millets, wheat and barley need special supervisions and dedications and so is engaging to all those people who are involved in these chores.

During the season of summer, the farm gets loaded with responsibilities to be shared by the entire family. The children get engaged in gathering eggs, mixing cream into butter and many adventurous chores. On the other hand the adults are more into the process of cleaning and feeding followed by harvesting and storing of grains. Cutting of hay and storing them in the barn is a task to be performed the whole day.  These chores are further added by the activities to picking fruits and baking pies, tend bees and can fresh vegetables, and many similar tasks. Harvesting and threshing are some tasks that are integral to the entire summer routine chores in the farm.

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Fall brings the ground for preparing for cold and long winter months. It is during the fall the chores of cleaning every corner of the farm increases and the task of maintaining the same becomes obvious. Storing corns in corncrib to get dry is a common chore during fall. After that the corn kernels get removed from the shelled and get used to feed the animals in the farm. In this season storing of fruits and vegetables for winter is a real chore that inspires many innovative methods for storing food materials. Managing gardens from wind and taking out excessive oil and flour from windmills are the basic responsibilities followed by the people in the farms.  

The season of winter inspires for a lazy life. But people who are working in a farm, never gets rest from the daily chores. In winters, these people invest most of their spare times in knitting and weaving. Burning of wood to keep the environment warm for men and animals are performed on continuous basis. Feeding and watering of animals are performed with more skillfulness. They were cleaned and kept warm in very systematic manner. Issues related to health become primary in winters. The occasions like 'Thanksgiving' and 'Christmas' are very special in winters and it is in this season that the farm celebrates their success amidst all chores. They enjoy the year long labour and prepare themselves for a successful year ahead.

It is here noteworthy to consider some of the specific chores in the farm that are maintained with extreme craft and skills. These activities are related to the task of digging and building different houses and day to day equipments. Managing with the lands for cultivations and rearing animals through veterinary consultations are chief chores in the farm.

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