This paper will focus on the Wisconsin Energy Corporation, located in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The company has been in existence since 1987. According to a survey conducted in 2009, the company had a work force of four thousand five hundred and forty five employees. All workers have to comply with a given set of laws and regulations.  In addition, no employees should participate in activities that might conflict with those of the company. According to some surveys conducted, this company ranks among the most ethical companies in the United States. However, in any multicultural organization, there are some ethical issues bound to occur.

One issue is discrimination based on race and ethical backgrounds. This is where some people may feel more powerful and deserving than others because they feel they are from a superior race. This may affect the overall output in the organization. Places of work have turned out to be more varied over the last decade than before. There are a number of causes for this rise in diversity including anti-discrimination directives and a changing labor force. A multicultural world also adds to workplace diversity. I view diversity with many positive outcomes. A company gains from a wider range of viewpoints, opinions, and experiences whenever people of diverse cultures work together (Gordon, 1999). Another issue is that of employee safety. This is where employees are likely to suffer work related injuries due to poor, working conditions. This, as a result, may reflect negatively on the organization.

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As a manager in such an organization, the best move to make is to counsel workers on the importance of peaceful coexistence amongst themselves. In addition,   to ensure all employees get equal opportunities, the organization should provide a fair plat form for every employee depending on their qualifications. In addition, safety classes and appliances should be introduced to educate the workers on how to use the safety gadgets, for example, fire extinguishers, helmets and boots that can protect one from electrocution.

Although these approaches may be an additional cost to the organization, the efficiency and output of the employees will increase because; they will feel secure.  My personal, ethical opinion regarding such a company is that they ought to invest in ensuring their workers safety because although ta present it might appear costly, in the future the return will increase. The greatest aspect this company needs to undertake is to ensure that they observe the relevant human rights and ethical business practices regardless of the race, social standing and gender of their employees. (Salzmann, 92)

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