Seeking to advance to a leadership position which calls for total dedication, hard work, creativity and decision making. Enable the organization achieves its long-term strategic aspiration more competitively. See justice prevail in the society and apply the knowledge, skills and attitude acquired in all aspects of life for the betterment of all. Develop my career through academic advancement, work experience and promote transparency and accountability in Criminal Justice.


  • Supervising the soft and hard services of built structures
  • Ensured that healthy, safety, security as well as maintenance of built structures are satisfactory


  • Assisted the retail manager when need arises
  • Ensured innovation, quality, value as well as legendary customer service
  • Ensuring continuity of products which customers prefer
  • Used the JDA software which was essential during the planning process
  • Working with customers and increasing their visit to the retail center
  • Served as a cashier
  • Training other employees
  • Closed registers at the end of business period
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  • Working with customers at the reception desk
  • Served as a cashier


  • Increased the number of customers visiting the stores by providing exceptional services as well as increasing sales
  • Phoenix University, Masters in Criminal Justice                                           2010  - 2011
  • Monroe College, Bsc. Criminal Justice                                                         2006  - 2009
  • Monroe College, AS in Health Office Administration                                      2002  - 2004
  • Honest and hardworking person who possesses strong leadership skills.
  • Willing and able to learn new skills pertaining a given job.
  • Proficient in using computer applications
  • Conversant with current and emerging issues in criminal justice.
  • Fluent in speaking and writing Albanian

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