The best government is the one that governs the least or does not govern at all. Objections in a government can only be raised by the standing army that is the only arm of a standing authority. The government that voters choose to represent them can be abused before the people start to act, which is evidently seen in the case of the Mexican War. The government of America is nothing but a tradition with the strength and vitality of a single man who can bend it at his will. The inherent character of the people of America did everything that America accomplished though more could  be done, if the government had not interfered; as they did with commerce and trade. As a citizen, every man should openly declare the government he desires in order to obtain a better government. The subject in the debate is whether the government ruled by the majority will still have a just rule because the men, who serve it, still work as machines and not like men (Opel and Donnalyn 87).

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How can a man identify himself with a political government that is also a slave’s government, such as America?  All men have a right to recognize revolution and either accept or refuse allegiance to the government based on its efficiency; but the present case is not the one of Revolution 75. The virtue of patriotism to a government is what sustains it, because those, who support it, pledge allegiance to it and hold it in high regards at the same time disapprove some of its measures (Weber 36). However, laws that are unjust still exist and governments are not doing anything to counter or reform this evil. Under such a government, the true place for a common person is the prison as seen in the case when Thoreau had to be imprisoned for six-years for not paying the poll tax. A government or state never confronts the morals, intellectual or the sense of a man but his body; they force men to obey the higher law (Thoreau 62).

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