Illegal drug use is a consumption or abuse of drugs without the prescriptions of a certified medical practitioner. Availability of illegal drugs has become an immense problem, mostly with teenagers, when they are at their maturing stages, and the youths, who are trying to discover meaningful goals for their lives. Since these drugs have become widely spread in schools, they have a large demand which in the end has resulted to a vast supply. Relatively, other respective areas are affected negatively either directly or indirectly.

While trying to control and prevent the importation, consumption and widespread of illegal drugs, measures put across by law enforcements have resulted to plenteous expenditures. There are certain expenditures made during proceedings held for criminals who practice unlawful drug distribution. Also, since there are programs meant for individuals who are undergoing drug treatment, certain costs have to be made to keep these programs running. Furthermore, individuals who involve themselves with drugs tend to lose a lot of time and jobs as well.

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Certain individuals tend to consume drugs reaching an overdose stage, which results in either critical sickness or dying. According to the research undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the year 2000, approximately, 19, 698 deaths were caused by a drug overdose (Schmalleger, 2012). Other health related costs resulting from illegal drug consumption may include injuries or abuse of innocent children, own injuries from crimes related to drug abuse and established medical care for drug addicts.

Binge drinkers may be considered as individuals who drink alcohol heavily within a short time frame. College students who are nondrinkers can be affected by binge drinkers in various ways, for example, they can be interrupted during studies, subjected to humiliation or insulted, have sleepless nights and take care of friends who are binge drinkers (Schmalleger, 2012).

In conclusion, individuals who practice illegal drug use experience unnecessary costs both directly and indirectly. They even affect those who are not using illegal drugs. Controlling and eradicating illegal drug use may seem a difficult task, almost impossible, but it is highly necessary since lives of people need to be preserved.

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